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  1. We have developed a large number of coffees to suit all tastes from the fruity filter lovers to the sweet caramel latte lovers to the straight up, hard hitting espresso drinkers...and everything in between. We are opening up our first time customer discount to the Coffee Forum community with a 15% discount on all of our coffees. On top of this we will also cover the postage for you. No minimum spend, no small print and all coffee is freshly roasted to order. We roast twice weekly so order before 9pm Monday for our Tuesday roast and before 9pm Friday for our Saturday ro
  2. @JakeyB went with bag broker in the end for stand up Kraft valves 500/1kg. Sticking to our compostable 200g bags with a fold and sticker shut. Arguably not 100% airtight but offering something for everyone and some will only go for compostable.
  3. We have a range of great coffees but there is something about the Brazilian El Fumo that is just outstanding. It has an incredible Hazelnut and slight smokey flavour that makes an incredible filter or milk based coffee. We don't have offers of more than 10-15% but we want to open this up to the entire Coffee Forum community as lovers of fine coffee so until 28th February we will be offering this coffee with a huge 25% discount on it's normal price. This also includes free delivery any where in the UK and all coffees are roasted fresh to order and dispatched within 2 days of roasting.
  4. Good afternoon all, We are getting to the stage with our business now that Royal Mail just won't cut it for much longer. They have done well for us to be fair but with the increase in customers both locally and nationally, the time has come to look at other options. Would be grateful if anyone is willing to share who they are currently using and how they have found them. We do a fair bit of the local stuff ourself still but if the price is right we will offload this to someone else. Many thanks
  5. Thank you. It’s always been a grey area with recyclable and it’s hard to find the balance between sustainable/friendly and affordable for a business. Funnily enough I have been in contact with the bag broker recently but thanks for the info, hadn’t seen that bit.
  6. That’s great to hear. I absolutely love the food there and the takeaway didn’t disappoint! Thanks for the message, certainly not a plug but feel free to use code NEW15 for 15% off first order. Thank you, Ian
  7. New to the forum but been in business for a couple of years now. From the start we have tried to be as ethical and environmentally friendly as possible, using 200g compostable bags in our boxes which are then stamped with our logo and coffee info. Whilst this is what has helped us grow, we also need to look at the next step up in business which I believe needs so more professional looking packaging. I am looking for recommendations on somewhere to get 200g, 500g and 1kg pre-printed bags with our logo/design on. As with everything in business, cost is a key factor. I think we will
  8. I have been dealign with Dave from D R Wakefield and have found him nothing short of outstanding. Helpful in replying to all emails and when a certain coffee may not be available his knowledge (as you would want/expect is second to none). We are lucky in that we are 20 miles down the road so go and collect it ourself. No charge for this and as long as they know when you're coming then it's there and ready for you to pick up. They will bring it out to your van/truck car so you can just transfer it over. Nice and simple. I will add as well that our first order they allowed us to do
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