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  1. Ok I have emailed them, I will update you when they get back to me. @dfk41, that's nice but it does not change the fact that if that clause can hold legal water, it would be classed as a donation and not a purchase. This means you have no recourse from your credit card company and possibly even legally via the courts. It's not a risk I am willing to take and it leaves a lot to be desired when companies try to use tactics like this to absolve themselves of responsibility - why not just sell the product like any other manufacturer or retailer, it's not difficult setting up an online shop.
  2. This is a great idea - I will do that and post their response in this thread. Thank you!
  3. I don't want to 'crowd fund' a grinder I just want to buy one and be protected under British law as I am with every other purchase I make - something that isn't the case with the Niche Zero. No it is not unfounded at all. You are essentially at their mercy as, according to those terms the payment is considered a donation not a purchase. You have zero legal legs to stand on because of that clause.
  4. There is significantly less risk if you buy normally without signing away your rights due to clauses like the one Indigogo is going to great effort to make obvious. I always buy with a credit card for example (as they are legally half liable for any purchases) however if that 'purchase' is classed as a 'donation' then I imagine you have ZERO legs to stand on. Exactly!!
  5. Risk is clearly stated on the Indigogo site as per the quote in my post : "You may request a full refund from Indiegogo until January 09, 2021. Any refunds after this date are the responsibility of the campaign owner, Martin Nicholson, at their discretion." It just feels very odd that a company would do this as it appears to be a way to absolve themselves of full responsibility. Delivery aside, what happens if the product develops a fault? Does this clause mean we have no proper legal recourse? It's just seems very odd (underhand even) that a company that has sold £10M worth of goods
  6. Only place I can find is on Indigogo, however on adding to cart I get this: I do not feel comfortable buying something only to be told I am not actually buying anything, and I certainly do not want to 'donate' £500 to anyone! Why is a company who has as far as I can tell sold almost £10M worth of product doing this? It doesn't instil confidence and seems like a way to avoid being held to account 😕
  7. Thanks for the welcome : ) I have a separate budget for the grinder, I'm looking at the Mignon Manuale 50 with a view to upgrading to the Niche Zero when it is updated to include an auto-shut-off feature. It's probably daft, but I think getting into this 'hobby' I would feel happier spending more on a machine and falling in love with it, than diverting too much of the budget to a grinder and getting a machine that isn't so nice. (I wish the Lelit Bianca was cheaper, I have totally fallen head over heals for that machine!)
  8. Hi all, this is going to be my first espresso machine and as of yet I am undecided which one to get and what to spend, so I was wondering if you could all share your favourites (and why) per the following budgets please? 1) Up to £300 2) £300 to £600 3) £600 to £900 4) £900+ (if there's something that really stands out) Would there be much difference between machines in these ranges? (total noob here) Thank you for reading
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