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  1. Any issues with it giving different weights for the same item?
  2. Did anyone find this to be the case with the Yagua?
  3. Ok, so while doing the cooking tonight my brain was thinking "surely this humidity isn't good for my grinder". Is this the case? Does the steam and moisture generated by cooking cause any remaining little bits of coffee grinds to suck up moisture and any fresh grounds to stick to the edges?
  4. Good to hear! I'll give them a try then thanks.
  5. Hi all, Found a cheap ser of scales that appear to be pretty small and accurate to 0.1g with timer as well for just £18. Wondered if anyone has used them and what they think? Currently I'm making my shots with a pair of giant naff kitchen scales by weighing the grounds then weighing the coffee afterwards. Only accurate to 1g so pretty useless. Would these Yagua ones be good enough? https://clumsygoat.co.uk/products/yagua-scale-brew-timer-dual-display-series-1000g-x-0-1g-acc0002?variant=33948204597293&utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=google&utm_campaign=Google Shopp
  6. Thanks Dallah but I've actually found a grinder already @admin, do wanted posts get moved somewhere when closed?
  7. Thought I'd bump this as it's not seen any responses yet. Further to my original post as well - is pure RO water actually safe to drink? I ask this, because as part of my degree we visited two water treatment plants who use RO as part of their process. They told us it's bad for you due to the fact that it's had everything stripped out of it, so it actually leeches minerals/salts out of your body.
  8. Thanks very much. I suppose I'll have to see where I'm at in 2 years.... as someone who's just started out I'd quite like something as simple to operate as possible and flow profiling sounds like it's extra work/complication but in 2 years time I may feel quite differently. I'm just hoping I can put aside a bit of money every month... I'm terrible at saving, and I want a new car as well 😅
  9. Have you tried twisting/pushing the hopper into position slightly while the lights are flashing? What effect does that have? My guess would be a dodgy contact, maybe some grinds managed to get somewhere tucked away breaking the contact being made.
  10. I'm getting a 5 stage reverse osmosis unit at the end of the month. £139.95 and it sits under the sink.
  11. I'm yet to decide if I like hand grinding haha. I'll be receiving the Pharos at the end fo the month and won't have any bench clamps so I'll just be holding it down by hand so we'll see how it goes! I can't imagine it being THAT bad though? The video is the same one I've watched and to be honest I didn't really consider the cons to be cons at all haha. Both machines are very tempting, and in a couple of years time I could even look at picking up a used machine rather than going brand new. Could you explain what flow profiling is and what benefits it has?
  12. Which video are you referring to? What was it that put you off the machine?
  13. I've actually had a quick look for the voodoo daddy mods already but I'm not sure if they're still being made? Didn't have much luck.... I also had a look for the upgrade kit to convert the 1.0 to a 2.0, but again, couldn't seem to find the kits anywhere
  14. Thanks for the response. Is there any info/photos of the Londinium compact out there? I had a quick look earlier but couldn't find much other than reddit/forum posts mentioning the possibility of the machine?
  15. Hi all, I'd like to start putting some money aside for an upgrade and want to give myself a target for a couple of years from now. Something around about the £1000 mark. It needs to have a small footprint, as my kitchen is tiny. I quite like the shiny shiny machines in terms of style. I've looked at the ACS Minima which is slightly above budget, and I've also looked at the Bezzera BZ10. Does anyone own, or has used either of these machines? What other suggestions can people make? My other question is - with this upgrade in mind, will an OE Pharos 1 grinder need upgrading as well? Ma
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