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  1. MaraX has a PID, it's internal. Works a treat. I thought I'd miss having a visual temp guide, so for the first week or so I used a digital thermometer to measure the group head temp. Turns out it is totally consistent, so I don't bother now.
  2. I was sold too. No luck either in the UK. You have probably read my fiasco with Cafe Italia. Bella Barista were honest in their advice, that, when they made their category decision, they wouldn't sell enough to make a decent profit; when they have to buy them by the pallet load. I ended up going MaraX from Bella and am glad I did. I love it. It costs a bit more, but is very rewarding. I bought my first shop bought cappuccino today (Wild Bean Cafe) since owning the Marax; my God it was awful!
  3. Yurp! I've accidentally found a new hobby. Someone in my office asked how's the new coffee machine, I got half way through talking through my workflow and they went "BORING!". Ha ha ha! This is a great forum where it seems we can share our dirty little coffee fascinations. Brilliant stuff. Will see ya around.
  4. LOL! I started researching espresso between Christmas and New Year. It went Sage with built-in grinder > Gaggia Classic > Gaggia Classic but with mods > Lelit Victoria > Lelit Marax. Laughed down my sleeve at YouTubers weighing beans and talking ratios. Geeks! Fast forward a few weeks and I've got my scales and I'm nearly ready for a leather apron, hipster beard, and a James Hoffmann quiff! Ha! I have the Specialita too. Loving my setup and am enjoying great coffee. Sounds like you are too. Bravo my friend.
  5. Not necessarily a question just for the Marax, I guess it goes for all machines, but what decision are others making about when to start timing a shot? Many say from when the pump starts. But Marax has pre infusion, so others say from first drip. I know, ultimately, it comes down to whether I like the shot I produce, and times are just a guide, but it would be great to hear about other people's workflows with the Marax. Note: I'm aiming for 18gm in 36gm out. VST 18gm basket. Typically medium roast. My grind and tamp seem pretty good. Going for 25-30 second shot. So, when to start timin
  6. Hi Tony, Hope you're well. Please see my other posts below for the resolution with Coffe Italia. Yes, I pulled the trigger and went with the the Lelit Marax via Bella Barista. Loving it!
  7. Hi Tony, Sorry hear you've had the same experience as me. Here's my update on events this week. In short, I sent dozens of emails to Caffè Italia cancelling my order and requesting a refund. No response. I have spoken to Barbara multiple times, who would apologise and say she is forwarding my emails to the accounts team. Still no respsnse. Then, I was contacted by Matteo (on Tuesday), who informed me my Lelit Victoria was being dispatched today (Friday). Despite them being out of stock (but not when I placed the order) and recommending I look at another machine. I replied, again, saying can
  8. Thank you for your support. Will address tomorrow and update.
  9. Thank you BlackCat. Not stock either. I'll speak with Dave, who has been amazingly helpful with my grinder order.
  10. Thanks Andy, good advice. What's galling is I've spent Christmas reviewing machines online, bought bits and pieces (Lelit naked portafilter, Lelit water filters) and was seriously looking forward to some coffee lockdown bliss. Pah. Annoyed. Thinking I might wait. Nobody else seems to have them in stock.
  11. I've made a beef curry. Does that count?
  12. (Head in hands) I wish I had found this thread earlier. I ordered my Lelit Victoria from Caffè Italia on 1st Jan 2021, and was told delivery would be tomorrow 12th Jan 2021. Not receiving any courier info, I chased up today, only to be told there is a 15 day delay and I should perhaps look at a different manufacturer. At the time I ordered, they were showing as in stock and a price of £699. Now I don't know what to do. Any advice all? Thanks, Matt
  13. Thank [email protected]_from_Oz! I have the PLA580V winging its way to me now. Thanks for going above and beyond Re the E61 portafilter info too.
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