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  1. Do you? Ah ok will try that! I maybe need to be more forceful with it. I was scared of breaking something. Hopefully the seal is ok, I’m not sure how I would know. But it’s only 2 months old...
  2. Emily

    Sage BE problem

    Mine is also only 2 months old. Definitely don’t intend buying new parts for it already 😂
  3. Aubergine Parmigiana - mine and my daughters favourite tea ☺️
  4. Definitely not overloaded, when I tamped it was the right level (ie. line on the tamper). I kind of push it as far as it will go without me having to hold onto the other side of the machine to get some traction if you see what I mean. I will try forcing it a bit more.
  5. Lol had another “explosion” yesterday ☹️ so not sure what is happening there! I only put 18g in the basket so not overloaded, but the portafilter crashed out mid shot, taking out the cup, scales, and saucer with it. I don’t know if I am being too careful putting it in the thingy because I don’t want to disturb the puck 🤷‍♀️ but I am back on the instant today because I am lockdown painting and haven’t time for the mess 😂
  6. Emily

    Sage BE problem

    I don’t know the answer but this has happened to me twice in the past week. I might have overfilled the basket the first time, but when it happened yesterday, I only had 18g in. I can only think I am not locking it in place securely enough. Don’t know what your thoughts are? Makes a hell of a mess when it falls out mid-shot doesn’t it? 😟
  7. Hello 😊 it is the coffee cup in the right hand corner. It’s the like/thank you button.
  8. My first efforts making espresso were using some freshly ground coffee from a roaster (before I bought a grinder) in which the flavour was overwhelmingly lemon. I really didn’t like it. Lemon and coffee are 2 flavours I struggle to find compatible. I thought it was my dreadful coffee making technique (which to be fair, probably contributed) until someone pointed out it could be the citrus tasting notes. The beans I have bought since, I have stuck to the chocolate/fudge/caramel/vanilla/nuts spectrum. To be honest, I get none of these tasting notes at all really. I just get coffee. But at least
  9. Hopefully the new part will sort it out! Can’t deprive the world of latte art tulips!!! ☺️😂
  10. Oh that’s good! I’m sorry,I meant to ask how your grinder was. Glad it is fixable 👍☺️
  11. Consistency is the thing with this though isn’t it. Suddenly one day, things fall into place, and you think, I’ve cracked it finally. Then the next three days it all goes tits up again. At least that’s what I find at the moment.
  12. It’s a tulip 🌷! That is stunning! Well done 👏 Did you intend to do a tulip or was it an accidental tulip? I think original latte artworks are the best.
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