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  1. Are you going to delete this post? you can just remove the content from your own posts if it bothers you that much. perhaps the MODs have you on their blocked list!
  2. Will have a hunt though recon I have a quite a few pairs
  3. Yep although it is frustrating that there is no roast date on anything!
  4. @christos_geo did you get this sorted?
  5. Actually I disagree, I posted the pictures to show that the sample bags have arrived, which allows the guys that sent them out to know we got them, we then have to evaluate them and respond to the seller direct and not on here as per the request on the original thread. So not odd that I have just shown the bags as arriving
  6. I have a couple of them can sort you a decent one out for £20 delivered @Gilly
  7. Yay finally, I honestly don’t know why this took so long to sell? So glad that it has though
  8. Today arrived the mystery 3 from black cat
  9. This will be absolutely mint condition folks
  10. Blue star are my Pavoni go to and the most reasonable on price
  11. Just check the original sale thread, the op had done the right thing in listing separately however I think it is only fair that @L&Rshould have first refusal as he did express on the other thread an interest before I offered asking price. I also get that @Badgerman has offered full asking first on this thread and technically has fulfilled the for sale criteria. Probably beat that the MODs sort this one out !
  12. Suggest it is removed from this sale and a new thread started then? Am happy for you to have it, seller just needs to sort out the ad!
  13. I will take the tamper and distribution tool at asking price
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