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  1. No more than £20 for the postage No more than £20 for the postage
  2. I can box it very very safely, you will need to do some basic reassembly the other end that’s all.
  3. I think k you are just not familiar with these machines, adjust the pressure stat yourself and increase the boiler pressure, as had already been suggested on the forum and you will have more success
  4. Is this the one you mentioned about I. A previous sale thread paolo?
  5. Possibly, I think it cuts down on cleaning the other end!
  6. It’s not often you get a chance to say that in life
  7. No not really everything was soaking wet as the packer decided to leave water in the machine, was really lucky that it did not get completely mullered
  8. On a plus note this was in the battered box!
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