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  1. @Hestuthere are many factors at play but essentially what @MediumRoastSteamhas said is right, the group in commercial lever groups has a large thermal mass and serves to dissipate the high temps of the water I. The boiler or hx (which runs through the boiler. the pathways from boiler to group are tuned by the manufacturers to ensure the water is in the right temp range for espresso when it hits the puck. however not all lever machines are the same, the Bosco (in my experience) requires a short pull of it has been idling for a long time, to bring the group temp up to the correct range
  2. Absolute pleasure, you can’t see how nice that colour is as it’s oxidising, lovely little machine next to that beast of a royal
  3. Friday coffee break, have a great weekend
  4. Have you tried pressing both buttons at once when you first turn the grinder on to access the menu screen.?
  5. Nice that you have the sap ace for that beast, congrats on your set up
  6. Close but no cigar it’s the LS 1019, awesome piece of kit
  7. Got to love really good compound mitre saws
  8. A fair bit, but just prepping the frame, it is in really great condition for a 30 year old truck
  9. I believe the 3D printed parts are not fantastic with static, however there are so many things that can be done with 3D printing that it is certainly worth another visit
  10. And here is the underside now
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