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  1. I had the ceado e37z naked for three months, you have to be super careful with the bean feed but the results are superb. I don’t think you will see huge benefit with the speed adjustability if the hero. Have you considered any other grinders?
  2. Difficult to say really, they Lok on but you can never really tell until you get the. In the grinder, your best bet is eBay they can get decent money on there
  3. Genuinely happy to help out if I can
  4. Perhaps an option is to get it to someone a lot nearer to you, I might be able to help out as an just outside bath.
  5. I am coming up on Wednesday will stop by and see if I can sort it for you.
  6. You may pm incoming @Burnzy
  7. Oh my god this is the deal of the month well done
  8. Judging by the switch it was not a timer function that has been disabled, but the auto refil function, which is completely unnecessary on a grinder being used for single dosing. This modification merely means removing the flap switch in the doser and reconfiguring the wiring to an on off switch. So perfectly normal on these grinders that are sold on here.
  9. I like the phrase cock womble plenty of those that frequent these pages.
  10. If it smells like fish and looks like fish then ......... this guy loves espresso too much to not have a plan, something has to slot into that space @Rhys
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