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  1. I guess we will disagree, I don’t think it is appropriate for a moderator to comment on an item that someone might buy, especially when they are so new to coffee.
  2. That is semantics Patrick, the rules are laid out to stop folk being influenced and protect the integrity of the moderating team, I am merely pointing out that rules get broken on both sides of a fence and if not broken, stretched.
  3. Ok that’s fair enough so may I Lok at those rules then? Your comments and opinions carry immense weight, especially with newcomers. If you recommend, endorse or express an opinion, it needs to be carefully considered. You must not offer an opinion on forum advertisers because you represent the forum and must be seen not give positive or negative endorsements. The same applies to businesses, retailers and resellers mentioned in threads and to sales’ items in the ‘for sale’ Please answer this question, was any action taken against the moderator that explicitly expressed an opinion
  4. Actually what is getting mixed up is the right to recourse, as a basic member al I can do is report a post, I have absolutely no authority to do anything else, however a MOD may remove a post or not if the feel it contravenes rules. What I have noticed is a lack of consistency in the moderation an example of which was earlier this evening. Davec (a mod) quoted something that someone else had said in a post, the post had been deleted, clearly by a different mod, so here we have one mod thinking it has to be deleted and another mod thinking it should be responded to. Furthermore when I aske
  5. But forum members cannot remove posts as they are not mods, the only recourse they have is to question the mods to which the predominant stock answer is they are not obliged to answer the question.
  6. It is odd, I questioned it in another thread and my question was removed ( for being off topic). At least my comments are now on topic. The forum has changed recently, posts are being modded faster than the speed of light, locked then unlocked when they have been cleansed. It just seems like a very heavy handed modding regime (or to the exact letter of the rules), all I know is that it is a recent change. Must be down to COVID!
  7. coffeechap


    You must live in a microclimate Dave, been hunting for signs is wasps in heir usual spots as a result of this thread, and no sign at all. They must still be asleep or something. Might have a go at total eradication before they became a problem, as they eat into the infrastructure of our house.
  8. I tend to agree and often get chastised for adding milk to make a flat white.
  9. coffeechap


    Actually this is a really effective solution, the flies are attracted to a bright burning light of doom, as they get close the heat makes them docile and they take a rest on the stick pad. From then on in its futile, no amount of twisting and and turning can free them from their fate.
  10. I have to confess when in Spain I am partial to a Leche leche
  11. As a bit of a purist, when I have an espresso, it has to be just espresso, don’t get me wrong I like a flat white but when dialling in and enjoying that little drink the only way for me is as just espresso. I have heard of some really odd things like double cream in espresso which I just can’t understand. so whats the concensus, pure or something added?
  12. The kony is another mazzer that uses conic burrs,
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