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  1. How about a let’s stop posting political shite on a coffee forum blend. You could have a blend of the key protagonists A two bean blend one a little tired and old but still gives a kick (12 year old robusta) and the other something a little arrogant that loves itself and a little pretentious, maybe a blue mountain. just make sure it’s dark dark dark like the future
  2. Lovely job you have done and lovely tampers 😉
  3. It is brand new and sealed in the box, apologies if this is not clear
  4. Just because it is beautiful here is mine
  5. Bought a couple of these and thought I would offer one up here, new in box, bought from repossession company so unfortunately no warranty, but these are bomb proof, colour is black £1350 collected
  6. I have to disagree about the group being faulty the grab point on my LR is at the horizontal or lower. This is all down to preinfusion pressure, my LR with the pressure transducer will bite at 45 degrees if the preinfusion is set to 1.2 bar, if the preinfusion pressure is set to 3 bar the grab point is horizontal , so no fault at all with the design or permanent of this group. I have found a difference in using the genuine londinium seals and the cafe last seals. The genuine seals suffer far less from the slippage (which is a real thing) but neither suffer if the group is greased correctly. also if you grind finer (as most londinium owners do) and allow for complete saturation of the puck during preinfusion you will not have the high grab point. distribution is fundamental as well, as if there is any channelling at all then complete saturation at preinfusion is not possible and this will affect the grab point. my advice, go back to basics, regrease the group and seals (which ever ones you are using), ensure drips from puck prior to raising the lever and make sure it is an even extraction across all of the base of the basket.
  7. Oh dear i may have to sign the petition
  8. The optimism was based on your new freind d statement
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