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  1. Actually he has taken a step back in terms of grinders, having had an ek and now gone for an mc3. The difference with having the PI module over not is that you have genuine adjustability. There is a direct correlation to temperature as well, so you can push the heat by increasing the pressure and thus getting better extractions from lighter and super light roasts
  2. Is he from Barcelona
  3. No what I meant it is not possible to produce 240 drinks per hour when made correctly, so your advert is somewhat misleading
  4. This must be the most viewed smart car coffee set up anywhere, don’t think you will ever achieve 240 coffees an hour though!
  5. I disagree with why folk have said thus far, the digital preinfusion allows for much more flexibility in your coffee, it is completely adjustable and very stable, I have installed this on a few machines and definitely think it is worth the dosh! ad Mildred has said though, it will be a much easier upgrade to access once the app is fully functioning
  6. Not sure why you can’t pm me!

  7. Hey Dave,

    How much Ravecoffee beans would I need for a house of 3 people who drink about 2 coffees from my machine per day? The Ravecoffee website says its monthly orders if I remember right. Never had to grind beans in anything but a bladegrinder though so I am unsure how many grounds are produced per bean. Also how fresh would they stay in the SJ's hopper?

  8. I get beans from various roasters, but my preference is rave coffee

  9. I am curious,where do you get your beans from?

  10. Coffeechap


    I have been on the lookout for a used Mythos to go with a recently acquired Silvia. Have you an idea on availability and price for the one you mentioned on the forum?







    PS I am a newbie here and cannot PM you at present

  11. In light of the current trend for people going after better grinders and upgrading their grinders I thought I would put together a thread on what people are actually getting for their money. Firstly let’s examine what people actually want from their grinders. I will break this down into various areas and attempt to answer some of the common questions that get asked. 1. Grind quality 2. Retention/ single dosing 3. Doser or Doserless 4. New or second hand Grind quality So what does this actually mean? in my opinion it equates to the consistency of the grind i.e. the amount of fine grinds in a given dose and the particle size and eveness. Entry level grinders that are referred to on here i.e. the MC2, mignon, vario will give you a different quality of grind compared to the next level up i.e. mazzer sj, eureka zenith, brassilia rr55 etc or the next level up mazzer royal, mazzer major, eureka mdl, la cimbali magnum etc and again to the "titan class grinders (most expensive) Compak r120, mahlkonig ek43, mazzer robur, eureka mythos, compak k10 and hg1 etc. In general the bigger the burr size the better the quality of the grind and in general the slower the spin speed the better, so the smaller grinders with smaller motors have to spin much faster (hotter) in order to grind beans evenly, whereas the bigger motors that drive the bigger burr sets have the torque to grind at slower speeds and thus tend to treat the coffee kinder! In my experince the bigger grinders produce a much more consistent grind and the results are immediately apparent in the cup especially with espresso. A mazzer royal (83mm burrs 800 rpm) releases much more complexity in the cup than a mazzer super jolly (64mm burrs 1400 rpm), so you get what you pay for as the bigger the grinder the more they cost, a eureka mignon is £280, Zenith £500, mythos £2000 ek43 £1920, (new prices). Most members that have moved up in the size of their grinders have noticed significant improvements in the resulting cup and I feel as a community we understand the inherent benefits of getting the best grind quality we can afford! Retention and single dosing As we tend to just make one of two coffees, most of us prefer to have the ability to weigh the beans in at the start and get out roughly what we put in, however i the world of grinders there are very few that will give you an output very close to the input without modification (compak r120, EK43, HG1, versalab, Pharos, hausgrind) so we have to either consider modifying our grinders or accepting that we might waste a little in the process of making our coffee. On demand grinders like the eureka zenith, brassilia rr55, mazzer electronic versions or even the big conicals like the compak e10 WILL retain coffee in the grind path and also need a weight of bean to get the functions to work (accurate dosing) and to get the best grind quality, so a sacrifice has to be made if you are considering one of these type of grinders. This retention is largely due to path that the grinds have to follow. Grinder design has not evolved much over the past 30 years, most grinders have a flat grind path whereby the ground coffee is pushed out of the exit shute by the coffee coming along afterwards and as a result there will be coffee that will go stale, remaining in that path. Now the bigger the grinder the more retention, especially if you go up to the conical grinders, the grinders with the least retention have a more vertical grind path i.e. the ek43 or eureka mythos (45 degree), however if you are prepared to carryout modifications to your grinder you can create zero retention grinders through the use of lens hoods, sweep clean mechs etc, but these will tend to be dosered grinders. Doser or Doserless The convenience of pressing a button and having a lovely fluffy mound of coffee in your basket comes at a price. As mentioned before, one cost is retention, but the other cost is the extra money you have to pay for the delivery system of these grinders. Electronic doserless grinders cost more money than dosered equivalents either new or second hand, but are more convenient to use, in a busy environment the repeatability of pressing a button and having a portion close to your desired dose is invaluable, but is it so important in the home? I like using my robur as it is amazing grind quality (paramount for me personally) is quick and mess free, however I have to put up with 30grams of retention!!!! the equivalent dosered version has a lot less retention and cost a hell of a lot less to buy (especially second-hand) it can also have a timer added to it and sweep clean modifications done, it requires a little more effort but in the long term would cost you less (due to wasted stale coffee). So you have a choice, if you want to single dose (get out what you put in) you need to spend a lot of money or modify a dosered grinder which leads me onto my final point. New or second hand Buying a new grinder comes with its benefits, you get a warranty and ergo piece of mind, you get something that you wont have to clean or sort out, if you buy an on demand grinder you probably wont have to do any modifications as you would have already accepted the points above, however it will cost you twice as much(in most cases) than buying a used or reconditioned grinder. For the same money you spend on a brand new grinder you can get a much better used grinder, I will use a grinder i currently have as an example. For £1000 I could by a mazzer major electronic or a compak e8 (just) or an hg1 hand grinder all decent grinders in their own right, however for £800 I bought a used Versalab (£2000 new) which is zero retention, amazing grind consistency small and compact and beautiful looking (IMO). It knocks spots off all those other grinders (including the HG1). If I take this to the other end of the spectrum, for £375 I could buy a brand new vario, or I could buy a used and modified mazzer major or a brassilia rr55OD at a stretch I could find a dirty mythos ( i found one for £250 once) and spend some time bringing it back to perfect, all of which knock spots of the vario, however I will take a risk on having a warranty, but then if a commercial grinder is working perfectly the likelihood is it will continue to do so for many more years in a home environment. At the end of the day it is entirely up to you, but my advice is do your research, don’t jump into a deal because others tell you to, get some hands on with a grinder if you can, get the best that you can afford and enjoy the coffee you make with it!
  12. Just starting a thread to gauge interest for a similar club to our veritable DSOL, I am fully aware that many on here prefer a more subtle roast profile to their beans and o lot of roasters that I speak to are keen to explore lighter roasting, therefore if you are willing to subscribe to a three month £60 subscription, please put your name on the list below, remember chocolates and nuts lovers beware!!
  13. Welcome to my page, feel free to mooch about as you wish

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