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  1. And it had its very own adventure, like the reverse lever day journey
  2. Can you clarify something, they appear to have uneven wear on the outside (milling edge) is this wear or pen marks from trying to align the burrs?
  3. Firstly it won’t get to hot from flushing the group. To get it up to temp in 15-20 mins, allow the boiler pressure to come up to its setting, then to a cup full flush of the group, allow around 2 mins then do another, so will feel the temp rising in the group, repeat a few times and you will be up to temp. It will natural come up to temp in around 45 mins if just left to it’s own devises.
  4. Oh and @Nicknak the restoration is almost complete, hit a snag with a leak on the boiler but once it has been braised it will be full steam ahead on the rebuild
  5. It is best to find somewhere local to you so that you can drop it in and collect, the place I use is out west and pretty far from you
  6. Just depends what you are getting done, so for example that gaggia lever that I got all the parts chromed was £350 so around £50 a piece
  7. What’s app is a good WiFi enabled phone system
  8. Few questions first Do you think the coffee you are serving is not good? have you been given feedback to say that your customers are not happy? which roaster and which beans are you using? have you had any training on making different drinks? your equipment is more than capable of producing great coffee which might suggest getting better beans and training could be your next step
  9. What does 'it’s been does Alex' mean? Ha ha should read descaled!
  10. As above it is a by product of rescaling and simply polishing the boiler afterwards with brassiere it some other mild polish will bring it up lovely
  11. Welcome max loads of info and friendly folk here, even got a sourdough section!
  12. This really is a load of WP, from someone who has always extolled the value of transparency on threads especially when looking at solutions to problems, it seems absolutely ludicrous that the solution is not posted on the thread so that anyone else that has the same problem on their beta machine will be able to sort it out easily here. It is after all here on this forum that the beta machines were initially offered up and furthermore without this forum ACS would not have had a lot of development on various machines.
  13. So nice to see my invention still doing the rounds ! if you are prepared to go used you will get A LOT of grinder for the same price as a niche and less! If you are prepared to carry out small modifications you will get a 83mm flat grinder that will single dose with no retention fairly easily. It will also last a lifetime and have far better quality components in it than the niche ( not withstanding the burrs that are in the niche, which is far and away the most expensive component in it) if you need to have new and a warranty then you will limit your options, as will if you need super compact. There are plenty of folk that are happy with the niche and get great results as there are plenty of folk who were not happy and sold them on (to willing buyers) to get something more suitable to their personal needs. ultimately the choice is yours
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