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  1. I think it is an e5 as the e6 is the same size as the e8
  2. A perfectly extracted shot of espresso will taste better in a milk based drink be it macchiato, corticosteroids, flat white etc than a bad shot of espresso, so the grinder will influence the final drink however subtly that may be
  3. Machine is just north of Swindon but can be brought down to just outside bath @ZiggyMarley
  4. Great condition la Pavoni Europiccola dual element on a stripped “raw” base this has been stripped serviced and rebuilt, i had the base chemically stripped and have left it in the raw state, which I think looks great, you will need to keep the base clean and dry as it will rust if not cared for. The chrome work on this one is awesome as can be seen in the photos. It is working perfectly as you would expect. It comes with double and single baskets, I have got tampers available that can be purchased separately if required. thisbis a great example and will let a lifetime if looked after. It will have the black Pavoni badge on the front. £225 plus delivery although my preference is collection so that you can see it working and be completely happy.
  5. I am clearing out the levers fron the forum day so first up is the beautiful blue Gaggia mini that was lovingly restored this thread, so check it out and see the work that has gone into it! it has only been used at the forum day and is amazing condition. The beauty of theirs little lever is that it has a full 58 mm portafilter and therefore a VST or ims can be used. These are quite rare and I have never seen another for sale in this condition £250
  6. Indeed, I only have so many “spare elements”
  7. It’s worth what someone will pay, but a mint one is worth a grand
  8. I did not, as I Have a versalab and this will add nothing.
  9. It’s a shame that you have had this experience. A little bit of research prior to purchase would have shown you how much ssp burrs cost and the fact that these were so much cheaper should have raised alarm bells. i have purchased many items from them without any issues at all so this is surprising. I don’t quite get why you are referencing decent espresso in this thread, although they may have great service now, their customers were continually delayed in not only the early days , but even a few years after lunching the campaign, which is hardly efficient and was very frustrating for early adopters
  10. @AliG let me know if you want one like that as I have a few.
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