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  1. My ZM manual will be for sale soon!!!! ( incoming ZM electronic)
  2. One grinder missing from above which I have been using recently is the mazzer ZM, a few folk have them on here. Great at espresso and brewed when fitted with the 151b burrs and excellent at brewed but no espresso capability when fitted with the filter burrs. As above with the other grinders, but IMHO if you are changing between brew methods from espresso to french press then the ek, ZM and r120 stand out
  3. For anyone else interested there will be some more of these available soon
  4. [quote name='johnealey']Hi Dave @coffeechap I'll take the 51.4 if ok as current one for the tin hat a bit loose Thanks John[/QUOTE] Perfect johnits yours
  5. [quote name='Nopapercup']Are these being sold together or separate @coffeechap? Either way I would like the 49.5 one[/QUOTE] Apologies not clear in title, have amended now, it’s £60 delivered each the 49.5 is yours if you want to proceed? @Nopapercup
  6. Two custom fit Pullman tampers £60 for each one. Obe is 49.5mm custom fit for old group pavonis or Cremina’s One is 51.4mm custom fit for newer group pavonis Both have the beautiful checkerboard handles and are genuine Pullman tampers [ATTACH=CONFIG]40370[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]40371[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]40372[/ATTACH]
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