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  1. If you need any help on getting the best out of that setup just holla
  2. coffeechap

    Tamper La Pav

    I still have a couple of the Pullman ones @Missy
  3. I think you will find it weighs more than that!
  4. Nice, good to see you haven’t lost your touch bootsy
  5. Ha ha, maybe someone with more time on their hands, perhaps the mods could do it ?
  6. Is it time for a latte art smack down yet?
  7. Delicious flat white, Rave Kenyan, full fat milk and a steady hand
  8. Love it, I had an Astoria 1 group lever for a a while, the Gloria. Nice and simple to work on
  9. To help the seller, it’s a thermostat version so single element, the group sleeve will be polymer and the piston will be polymer as well. This makes the group a bit more temp stable, looks like a really good one at a very good price.
  10. If it’s the same as on the standard sage grinder then yes I do?
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