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  1. The exact fit tampers are designed with straight wall baskets in mind, a lot of standard baskets have a slight taper, shame the manufacturers just don’t take a leaf out of the precision basket producers book!
  2. Clearly is was going to be the case that the collar would do exactly what it did before, especially as you had the older burrs working fine. I hope that you get this sorted with Denis, only ever found him to be helpful in my interactions with him.
  3. I will have one for you, drop us your addy and I’ll send you one
  4. So happy you are now really enjoying your L1 @Cuprajakejust needed a different approach to the minima. Some of those pictures are stunning in terms of the quality of the shot, hope you continue to enjoy it.
  5. coffeechap


    Really love the look of this, am signed up to getting one especially at the price point. It has the looks and if it performs it will be a hit. Always great to see new lever products coming to market.
  6. coffeechap


    You must live in a microclimate Dave, been hunting for signs is wasps in heir usual spots as a result of this thread, and no sign at all. They must still be asleep or something. Might have a go at total eradication before they became a problem, as they eat into the infrastructure of our house.
  7. I tend to agree and often get chastised for adding milk to make a flat white.
  8. coffeechap


    Actually this is a really effective solution, the flies are attracted to a bright burning light of doom, as they get close the heat makes them docile and they take a rest on the stick pad. From then on in its futile, no amount of twisting and and turning can free them from their fate.
  9. I have to confess when in Spain I am partial to a Leche leche
  10. As a bit of a purist, when I have an espresso, it has to be just espresso, don’t get me wrong I like a flat white but when dialling in and enjoying that little drink the only way for me is as just espresso. I have heard of some really odd things like double cream in espresso which I just can’t understand. so whats the concensus, pure or something added?
  11. The kony is another mazzer that uses conic burrs,
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