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  1. What is amusing is that the first post of this thread seems to have gone by the wayside, with the bickering back and forth, people getting uptight about their kit! enjoy your equipment, I have said this before, the only person who matters In this coffee endeavour is you, if you are happy stick if not twist.
  2. I did realise you had gone anywhere, there area few overgrown 7 year olds mucking about at the mo!
  3. I don’t believe he had one, for some reason
  4. No need to be so honest and frank bootsy
  5. I hope you are paying the child labour well?
  6. its a lot bigger and a lot heavier and a lot more expensive ( however I really wish folk would get off the rep bandwagon as that is not what my ZM cost point blank) and yes IMHO it does do a much better job in the cup that’s the niche. Oh and it is near zero retention. while I am at it, I believe this is also my thread so I should be able to comment on it as much as I like.
  7. Again just saying what I paid, rrp doesn’t come into that, but keep being defensive it’s ok
  8. Or hunt out a bargain. Mazzer ZM, which to be honest pisses all over the niche ( it’s a bit bigger) and didn’t cost much more! watch out for the NOSHIT grinder coming soon.
  9. Exactly but that’s not the spin speed of the motor that is the feared speed
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