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  1. That looks so good, time to get the stain and lacquer out
  2. Hi I imagine the delivery would be around £100 but I would be prepared to contribute towards that. Unfortunately the newer tech is not transferable to this model as it relies on boiler pressure to pre infuse whereas the newer version is a cold feed HX. Hope this helps
  3. Can courier this as I have the original box
  4. coffeechap


    Oh my god can we just stop this petty shite. People are dying folks everyone has an opinion, some folk are expert in this field on here as some folk definitely are not and should just keep their speculation and opinions to themselves. I am no expert but have watched with worry the escalation of this pandemic. The future is not orange folks unless we change our attitudes
  5. coffeechap

    La Pavoni

    I have a few la pavonis available all completely serviced and ready to go (getting busy while we are restricted)
  6. coffeechap


    Good hopefully mine will turn up
  7. coffeechap


    You wouldn’t find me on any tube right now
  8. coffeechap


    Here is the U.K. learning from others, taken this morning (not by me I might add)
  9. coffeechap


    Lots of about turning on this thread as well, just saying
  10. coffeechap


    At least other nations are trying, but hey ho, we are British we stand alone and make our own decisions, rule Britannia 😩
  11. coffeechap


    Obscure, but typical of responses so far, Italy were hit first, it was much more of an unknown, yet we have some knowledge and did nothing, Italy is doing the best it can in very devastating circumstances, I hope we can cope.
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