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  1. Sometimes our humour is lost on folk
  2. Will leave this here for a few days if no interest it’s off to Ebay
  3. coffeechap


    Excellent start and often overlooked that the most important factor in great coffee is great beans
  4. coffeechap


    Welcome together forum, what stuff do you want to know more about?
  5. Ok folks, provided you are prepared to get the ptfe out, this is a great add on. I have been using mine daily for the last month and am really happy with it. There are a couple of tiny niggles, But nothing that would stop me buying another.
  6. Get a used one and learn the fun of the the little lever
  7. This will look amazing once the pets come back from the chromers, Shane it will take soooooooo long
  8. Hi dorian in addition to above the professional switch has a light built in to show when the element is on. I find the professional easier to live with day to day and the pressure gauge is useful when temperature surfing on the Pavoni. Both machines once mastered make great espresso
  9. Everyone is falling into n love with snakeswood
  10. Gumtree or eBay Clive, loads of them about
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