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  1. This is only a problem when folk don’t use the machine properly, although when it does happen it is a bit of a shocker
  2. I do indeed ! Surprised you didn’t just ask me @MediumRoastSteam
  3. Go on then, you have a deal, will go to pm for the finer details
  4. Hey what happened to project pick up?
  5. Which is another option indeed, not bad prices I hear
  6. Why not try and sort it out yourself?
  7. If only I needed a cherub! Unfortunately I have to thin out my collection not add to it, but thanks for the offer
  8. Cheeky little bump before I use my £1 listing on eBay
  9. The over pressure tube should be bent to allow any excess fluid to go into the drip tray, this will creat some space between the two pipes. I would also put a slight bend in the steam wand as well
  10. The micro case is notoriously bad for over heating so you will nee d to mint or the temp on it for sure. You really will not better results from the Electra! You would be better placed doing some upgrades to your professional
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