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  1. 2005 La Pavoni professional in chrome, I bought this to use for training, but TBH it is too good and thought someone might want it instead. I would rather use one that needs some work as a training machine. it has probably been day in a cupboard for 15 years and I estimate has been used maybe 20 times. I have never seen a polymer piston in original colour, there is no wear on the group sleeve or or the roller bearing of the group! No scale on the inside and all the seals are spot on, there are a couple of minor marks where the previous owner was a little enthusiastic during cleaning but nothing that detracts from the looks of this machine. I would prefer collection but can post at cost. £400
  2. Or just gullible Italians, it was not long before Pavoni had the forethought to add the glass tube, this stopping the elements from going
  3. Lovely set up joe nice and compact and perfect for events
  4. Not sure why you can’t pm me!

  5. coffeechap

    Espro Tamper 51mm

    I’ll take these at asking Nigel
  6. Pavoni made them for Gaggia and still use the same parts for the romantica range
  7. Unfortunately things can and do go wrong during transportation, what was agreed between you and the seller, I.E. was postage at the buyers risk? Or did you agree to posting with insurance? Unfortunately unless there were obvious signs of damage to the box, you will not get a jot out of the insurance, so it is down to who accepted the responsibility.
  8. I like the fact that there are many variations of the original, however only one company got a grip and started mass producing them successfully
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