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  1. With the lockdown madness and a lot of people taking up new hobbies , I found the price quite high when I bought mine in January. I'd say £250 easy for yours
  2. He's absolutely brilliant. Very well made videos . Lots to ponder.
  3. I think he is fantastic. Very informative and entertaining
  4. My wife and I followed a paleo/keto diet for quite a few years , starting everyday with a bulletproof coffee. The results in weight loss and general well being were brilliant.
  5. We were almost bidding against each other . I was put off because I thought it said only collection in London. I hope you get a favourable decision in your dispute.
  6. I tried my best to get one but the bidding was ferocious lol . I decided to gamble on another one of the same year and learn to do the modifications myself . Servicing next at some point when I've watched every video on the net .
  7. Haha yup , that's where I'm at now . Any advice on model , new or second hand etc ? Cheers
  8. Ordered, hopefully it doesn't take too long to arrive. Thanks for the help
  9. Thanks . That's kinda what I was hoping . Looks good and seems to be well made and repairable . I get quite annoyed with electrical items breaking and needing replaced as that's what the manufacturer intended.
  10. Thanks , do you have any recommendations of the list I've been looking at , or any others in the same price point ?
  11. I like espresso , americano and an odd cappuccino. I'm quite keen to learn and try more.
  12. That's what I was thinking. The path I've been looking at went like this, Sage smart Pro Iberital MK2 Baratza settle 270 Eureka mignon manuale Then a few hand grinders but now thinking of a Eureka mignon specialita . Although the niche zero looks and sounds great it's maybe pushing the price and availability a bit much .
  13. Is it still worth getting a decent grinder for use with this coffee machine ?
  14. Only really started and this forum popped up during my research. Then my mind was blown...
  15. Hi folks , I've just started on this coffee journey . Finding lots of great advice on here . I started with a Nespresso pod machine for years , but always wanted to grind my own coffee but was always put off by the price . I recently grabbed a De'Longhi ec201cd.b from Aldi for £70 on an impulse buy , so that's my machine for now . Grinder researching is driving me crazy tho...
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