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  1. Hi any tips on protecting your beans from the damp? My takeaway is particularly cold and I’ve noticed my coffee, once ground, is ‘wetter’ than normal. Is there anything I can do to prevent this? Thanks
  2. Hi as a new start up I’m wondering what I should do re de-caff coffee. Thought about getting a 2nd grinder or should I just not bother for now?
  3. It’s a conti cube machine. I’ve got a plumber coming out this morning so fingers crossed!
  4. The grinder was included in the package. Trying to get hold of a plumber is the difficult part!
  5. They do have a leasing option where you lease it for 3 years then the machine is yours. However the interest rate is very high and I figured if I bought it outright at least I’d have something to sell on if it didn’t work out.
  6. There was no hard sell and he knew where my business was etc. Thanks so much for your advice!
  7. I know, it’s a difficult one. I met with the guy and got good vibes and their coffee is very popular in my area. I also like the idea of having a company on my doorstep if things go wrong!
  8. I’m looking at expanding my sandwich shop into a mostly takeaway coffee shop. I have been talking to a local coffee supplier and they have suggested an espresso machine retailing at 5k. Is this about right?
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