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  1. They look amazing. Any idea of when they will be available? I was thinking about jumping on the next release The Niche but might hold out.
  2. It is amazing. They don’t have the San Fermin on their website currently 😭
  3. Roaster: Origin Bean: Pathfinder Recipe: 17g in, 40-43g out in 52 seconds Running on: ACS Vesuvius (variable pump profile set by @Jony), Mazzer Major grinder single dosing using Daniel Wong mod.
  4. That’s the one. The same one who sacked her chief medical officer for breaching lockdown yet doesn’t resign herself 🥶
  5. Let’s hope nobody tells Nicola Sturgeon 😆
  6. Did you buy it? Looks like it was snapped up just after your comment here 😆
  7. Cool. How do you find the quality of the grounds in comparison? Its basically a mignon right? Just always see a lot of talk about eureka mignon and even more so the niche, but I’m just curious as to whether the grounds produced are on the same level, or is it hard to notice a difference?
  8. Same as what I have. Mine was a 2014 ex demo so never really used. Put a Daniel wong doeserless kit on it and it’s a terrific grinder.
  9. 1- yes just the duration that the pump is pushing water through the brew head 2- the difference should be negligible. You are trying to get a ratio of ground coffee in, to espresso out at 1:2. So for the oracle it grinds around 20-22g for a double so you would look to extract around 40-45g of espresso. I can’t really remember the amount of ground coffee that goes into the single basket on the oracle simply because I never pour singles. I’m pretty sure most people don’t bother with singles anymore 😂. So if you want to use the single basket, I would suggest weight how much ground coffee th
  10. Karka

    Milk ratios

    I’m using loveramics cappuccino cups (200ml). Pull a double shot and top with milk. It’s a good balance for me, but I think in truth I prefer slightly less milk. I think the sweet spot is for me is something like 36g espresso with 100ml of milk. I guess I need some flat white cups. 🤔
  11. Isn’t that a Chinese company? Not sure they are based in the Eu so probably not relevant
  12. Yeah didn’t realise that. Seems that’s for any non Eu shipping destinations
  13. Could you not just import one from Europe? https://www.espressocoffeeshop.com/Mignon-XL
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