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  1. @Dallah 😆 I’ve just got a lot of other shit going on, and spent way too much money lately
  2. @Dallah nope, no contact yet
  3. That’s the thing @DavecUK, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t get any extra benefit out of the 100 compared to the 64. Just that thing in my head telling me that there is a better one out there 😆. what I’m more concerned with is the price bracket. If it’s not a huge price gap between the two I would be disappointed. Also it makes me wonder whether the price of the p64 will come down. That’s the problem with a company selling their products as pre order. Makes it very hard to release new products without causing a problem.
  4. They’ve removed it from their site. Probably too many people trying to change from the p64 to the p100 😆
  5. F**k sake. Just what you want 2 weeks before your lagom p64 is due to ship 🤦🏼‍♂️ Hopefully it will be significantly more expensive and not worth it 😆
  6. Lol sorry read that as it’s your first time, not first time this year.
  7. @BiggerBen good luck. Have you made pizzas before or the first time dough slinging?
  8. @Instant no more ! I just used my home oven with a pizza stone. It’s more the pan that’s important. The lloypans for Detroit pizza are amazing.
  9. My latest attempt at the Detroit style pizza. It’s absolutely delicious. Looks really heavy but the focaccia at 80% hydration is just so light. Need to work on my oven temps/times to get it a bit better next time, and some better quality pepperoni!
  10. @Jony I got a mazzer major currently and have a lagom p64 due end of april
  11. First thing @Jony told me when I bought his V was that it requires a finer grind!
  12. You had me up until I saw that black pudding desecrating a lovely hot cross bun!
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