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  1. Welcome! I'm fairly new to this forum myself but know a little about both of these machines. The mara X and the Bambino are completely different machines so it's hard to say which is best for you! All of us on here love espresso and as such you may get a lot of replies for the more prosumer lelit mara X (It's what I would choose). However, I personally think it can be beneficial to learn on something like the Bambino or the duo temp so you know where your money goes when/if you upgrade to something better further down the line. With the Bambino you're paying for ease, there's a lot o
  2. Thank you, that looks perfect for what I want a second. I'm almost certainly going to build something a little more techy for myself at a later date. But this should suffice until I can dedicate the time!
  3. Thank you so much for you reply, i have been attempting to temp surf for the last few days with varied success (but mostly positive). It's a shame about that mecoffee pid and thank you for letting me know, I guess i need to work out whether i care enough about the looks/data to go and build it myself😅. You wouldn't happen to know of a thread on here that might delve into DIY PID's deeper would you? (My apologies if this is obvious, im pretty new to this forum). I'm definitely not apposed to the challenge, i just need to focus on uni work first and delve into that rabbit hole at a lat
  4. Oh I'm sure the patio would be great sound insulation though! You could fire up the grinder any time you like under there! 😅
  5. Hi, I recently got a second hand Silvia v5e (if you happen to see this then thanks Paul) and was wondering if people have any suggestions for general upgrades I should make. I'm currently thinking of: -PID to get better temperature stability -Changing to a flatter screw in the grouphead -Buying a bottomless portafilter & bigger basket (I believe mine might be the 15g) I like the idea of the mecoffee PID as it's out the way when it needs to be but appears to be able to give lots of data when you want it. I can't seem to see the mecoffee app in the play store anymore
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