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  1. Filters received today thanks again 👍🏼
  2. Lawn

    The next drop...

    Hi Dave Can you put me down for a white one please. I’ve just upgraded, been meaning to do this for a while but this has given me the kick I needed. Thank you!
  3. Payment sent! Thanks
  4. Hi Mate I will take these at the asking price. Cheers
  5. Thanks for all the advice guys I’m now getting around .3g retention nearly every time which is great. Still a bit messy though. I’m not sure if single dosing is for me and was thinking about getting the Eureka mignon specialita. The question is do you think the taste in the cup will be noticeable between 64mm and 55mm burrs? Tbh my palate is not that refined! Interesting to know your thoughts.
  6. I have one of the caps supplied by Daniel Wong but it’s still quite messy. Maybe it’s me going silly with the blowers.
  7. Very good tips here thank you. I admit I do go a bit silly with the blower when it’s still grinding which is making a huge mess. Do you put anything at the top of the grinder like a cap or tamp? I’ve tried both to stop popcorning but there’s normally some bits left that haven’t been ground.
  8. It’s a tough choice, the espresso was easily the best homemade shot I’ve done yet 😂
  9. Some great advice here and the link that was sent is a very good interesting read! I was messing about with the grinder just now and I managed to get a perfect shot of espresso dialled in! I was using the inbuilt grinder on a sage barista express before and the difference is night and day. Sadly the misses wasn’t too happy that I peppered the kitchen in coffee grounds. So it’s either a new grinder or girlfriend, her words not mine 😂
  10. @urbanbumpkin I’ve not had a successful shot yet haha it either chokes the machine or gushes out. I’ve spent more time cleaning out the grinder after every grind then actually pulling shots! I work away a lot so haven’t had much time to mess around with it yet, I’m going to have another go at the weekend but I think I’ve been grinding way too fine.
  11. @Rincewind hi, I’ve tried different beans but I get the same result. Interesting point about the grinds looking like talcum powder haha. This is my first time using the grinder and I did think the grinds where extremely fine maybe this is a contributing factor? I went to the other extreme and the grinds where very course and I got less retention that time. I suppose logically thinking, the finer the grounds the more particles there is so therefore more static will be generated. I need to find the sweet spot and give it another test. This has helped thank you.
  12. I’m not sure what it was before tbh, I was to eager to strip it down and clean it! Yeah the scales are accurate I would be really happy with .3 - .4g retention haha
  13. I’ve tried this but still no joy, it did help a little.
  14. Ok to cut a long story short, I bought a Mazzer SJ, stripped and cleaned the grinder, checked the bearing, fit new burrs and screws, fit the single doser kit from Daniel Wong and now I’m getting 3 or 4 grams retention nearly everytime! I read quite a few raving reviews about the kit so I feel like I’m doing something wrong? I use the blower thing supplied with kit but there’s still loads of grounds left over. I have attached pictures showing this, I think static may play a part in this and I have tried a drop of water on the beans as per James Hoffmann’s video but this doesn’t make a diff
  15. I would take this I just need to sell my mazzer SJ which is doing my tree in!
  16. I’ll get a video up tomorrow, I think the burrs may not be aligned perfectly but not sure if this would be the cause. Thanks for the replies
  17. How is everybody finding the retention with Mr.Wong’s mod? I’ve just received my kit today for my Super jolly, I’ve stripped everything down, full clean, new burrs, and fit the kit. I feel like I’m doing something wrong because I’m getting 3 or 4 grams retention every time. I know this grinder isn’t made for single dosing but when I was researching this mod everybody was singing it’s praises. Are my expectations too high or have I missed something?
  18. My apologies I’m still learning the ropes
  19. If you split the items I would 100% bite your hand off for the niche haha. Although I suppose I would have to join the que!
  20. Wow stunning set up! Are the Daniel Wong doserless kits still being sold? I’d love one for my SJ.
  21. Great guide thanks, never knew about this mod I’m going to do it today.
  22. As a newbie I admit I probably couldn’t taste the difference between conical or flat burrs, I’m just in the process of refurbing a mazzer sj which will be my first ‘proper’ grinder. It was relatively cheap and they are a great starter grinder or so I’ve heard! Just my 2 cents, start small and progress just like when you when you pass your driving test. You don’t jump straight into a Ferrari...... unless your really lucky haha
  23. As a fellow BE owner I know how frustrating this machine can be! Just to confirm are you weighing your beans after you grind them? This helped me a lot in the early days but the biggest flaw is the grinder. I find it very inconsistent and I’ve been trying to get hold of a niche grinder for months now
  24. I’ve ordered the Ugandan Ibanda but still waiting for delivery a week later, are Royal Mail still experiencing delays?
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