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  1. My apologies I’m still learning the ropes
  2. If you split the items I would 100% bite your hand off for the niche haha. Although I suppose I would have to join the que!
  3. Wow stunning set up! Are the Daniel Wong doserless kits still being sold? I’d love one for my SJ.
  4. Great guide thanks, never knew about this mod I’m going to do it today.
  5. As a newbie I admit I probably couldn’t taste the difference between conical or flat burrs, I’m just in the process of refurbing a mazzer sj which will be my first ‘proper’ grinder. It was relatively cheap and they are a great starter grinder or so I’ve heard! Just my 2 cents, start small and progress just like when you when you pass your driving test. You don’t jump straight into a Ferrari...... unless your really lucky haha
  6. As a fellow BE owner I know how frustrating this machine can be! Just to confirm are you weighing your beans after you grind them? This helped me a lot in the early days but the biggest flaw is the grinder. I find it very inconsistent and I’ve been trying to get hold of a niche grinder for months now
  7. I’ve ordered the Ugandan Ibanda but still waiting for delivery a week later, are Royal Mail still experiencing delays?
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