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  1. But , post Brexit European customers are having to pay UK vat and their own country vat, doesn’t seem fair to me. May not be anything illegal in it but it appears to be costing Niche sales. At the end of the day , Niche get £415 for each grinder they sell in the UK, after handing the vat part over to HMRC, if they sold the Euro ones for £415, no vat due to HMRC, then jobs a good un, more sales and no loss in revenue. Above is as my understanding, happy to be corrected.
  2. Yes @DavecUK 😄, a few to be getting on with, not sure what end I’ll start at, or maybe in the middle 🤔 Decided to try some coffees that I’d normally not buy, so should be interesting. I think I’ll try single dosing the Specialita to appreciate them against each other.
  3. A nice wee selection from Teesside Coffee Co …
  4. Looking forward to trying the different beans , thanks Matt 👍
  5. Wow, that machine was being used by someone who had no concept of what needs to be done to keep the machine tip top 😲 After how many shots pulled should a pullycaff detergent back flush be used rather than just a water back flush ? 300 , 500 , 1000 ? I’ve no idea, up until now I’ve been removing the shower screen cleaning above it and back flushing with blind filter and water.
  6. I thought I’d give The Teesside Coffee Company an order as they have just sponsored the forum. Its probably the equivalent of an order from hell, 8 bags of different beans 🤭 Very reasonably priced , free shipping over £30 and 20% discount 👍 I normally order by the kilo but thought I’d go with the scatter gun approach this time 😄
  7. Hi Les and welcome to the forum. I’m biased as I have a Bianca, although the Minima was on my radar prior to purchasing it. I just can’t see past it for the money, build quality is very good, aesthetics are spot on for me, can be plumbed in , has a much quieter pump. For the extra cost to me it was worth it as it saved the cost of upgraditis. Get the Bianca, you’ll not regret it 👍
  8. I’d be thankful I’m not dead. Is the plug fuse ok ? oh and BTW , don’t go out without an adult with you.
  9. @Zeak I have just this very minute finished a Rukira AB Kenyan from Coffee by the Casuals and was thinking to myself it’s a while since I’ve enjoyed a coffee as much. And then I read this post , a double recommend it is then 👍
  10. 4 way brass connector is fitted to my machine. job’s a goodun Cheers guys 👍
  11. Thanks @Johey & @MediumRoastSteam My machine was purchased from BB at the end of February this year. Next time I pull it out to fill with water I’ll take the top off and have a look to see what connectors I have.
  12. @Johey, thanks for the update on your issue. Would it be possible for you to post some photos identifying the connectors that should be changed / checked ? Thanks.
  13. I never dump 250g into the hopper, maybe 125 or so, keep the remainder in the freezer. The small hopper that Eureka have made for their SD grinder will be of interest to me 🤔
  14. I’ve got a Bianca and it’s never missed a beat. Sorry @Cuprajake, couldn’t resist 😂
  15. Interesting @axpetts 🤔 I’m going to plumb my Bianca and was looking at filters from BWT , the Bestmax Premium S filter and Besthead filter holder come in around £130, if this one does the job for £30 then it’s a no brainier. My water supplier has advised that the Alkalinity concentration is measured as milligrams per litre as bicarbonate (mg/l HCO3, my water is approx 25 mg/l HCO3. Hmm, decisions ...
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