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  1. Will watch this thread with interest as mine is taking around 20s for 18g of medium roast beans at espresso grind size. Not sure if that's norm or whether it's because I'm single dosing and leaving it running longer to wait for everything to clear. Not tried will a full hopper though.
  2. Good luck with the channel and no need to apologise about the accent. I could understand everything clearly.
  3. Or the number that are usually available to buy!
  4. As a newcomer myself I have welcomed the brew recipes as a starting place and then adjust to taste from there. It is also useful as a guide when dialling in two different beans from the same roaster as it offers a comparison between recipes. If one bean is already dialled in on my setup I can make relative adjustments for the other. Alpesh
  5. Alpesh

    Lelit Bianca

    I was skeptical at first but then bought the Lelit leveller 58.55mm from Bella Barista and see less channelling and greater consistency as a result. I also tamp very lightly with finger tips only and polish after levelling - the tamper that comes with the Bianca is good in my opinion. Mixed opinion of whether there is a need to tamp as well but I prefer to. I don’t do WDT (yet) as I’m getting pretty consistent results without but let’s see still early days. This is the leveller I bought (mid-priced😞 https://www.bellabarista.co.uk/brands/lelit-58mm-levelling-tool-1.html
  6. Alpesh

    Lelit Bianca

    This video I believe: https://youtu.be/0uzBix582cs Added to my maintenance list as well.
  7. Alpesh

    Lelit Bianca

    Hi Chris I would suggest using the stock screen and baskets to start with as they are very good and you'll get excellent results with those. Wi-Fi plug is handy but not required. I've often forgotten to start the machine after getting distracted but fortunately the heat-up time is very good on the Bianca. Decent grinder, a set of scales that measure to 0.1g accuracy (I have the inexpensive Brifit ones), knock box and optionally a leveller and you're good to go. Oh and an old takeaway container when cleaning the shower head and unused paintbrush to clean baskets after de-puck (
  8. Just opened a bag of North Star Rwandan Cyato Anerobic Natural and lovely tasing notes if you like the natural processed coffees. Also enjoyed the Black Cat Ethiopian Yirgacheffe also a Natural.
  9. I would also recommend the Lelit Bianca. I’ve had it since early Dec and paired it with a Eureka Mignon Specialita as I didn’t want to wait for the Niche. Both purchased from Bella Barista and so far no regrets with either. Like others I have modified my Specialita for single dosing by remove the hopper and replacing with a short tube and bellows (easy and inexpensive). Others have mentioned that the grinder needs a hopper full of beans to give you a consistent grind at the end but I’ve not experienced any problems. If I do start to notice this I’ll add a weight to gently push the bea
  10. Good choice let us know how you get on. I’ve only had my Bianca a couple of months and no regrets so far. Not ventured beyond standard shots but will start experimenting with the paddle soon. I also spoke to Marco before placing the order with Bella Barista and felt reassured. Enjoy!
  11. My first order from @BlackCatCoffee - looking forward to trying this trio. Any recommendations on Espresso recipes for the El Salvador and Ethiopia to get me started or the usual 18 in 36 out over 25-30 seconds? I also have a V60 now so will try both brew methods.
  12. ACME cups - better than I expected Sadly two of the tulip ones arrived damaged/chipped.
  13. Made a shelter for the wood fired oven at the start of lockdown. Stole the design from one Costco were selling. Took much longer than it should have but satisfying.
  14. I’ll be shot but how about a Nespresso for convenience (Mrs) in addition to something a little more manual for the quality that will stand the test of time?
  15. I struggle to see anything useful past the ads and nonsense people post on Facebook so don’t subscribe to forums there. Twitter is a little more toned down so find it useful to keep an eye on things I might be interested in. My preference is to log into the forums.
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