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  1. Excellent service, even shipping my Elizabeth overseas. The only issue was security clearance on to the plane out of the UK as it failed the x-ray scan, but that was nothing to do with Bella Barista.
  2. Thx MSR, I will go through the process again of updating to Dave C settings, turn it off, then back on to let it run the 500ml out into a jug. I am guessing it is then it saves the settings?
  3. I have just put Dave C’s settings (using the video) into the new office Elizabeth, but every time I turn it off and then on as Dave does after setting the Prg (as in the video) it just drains the water through the head. Then when I check the settings again it has reverted back to factory settings... what am I doing wrong?
  4. Me too! I smashed mine in Aug 2015, one year on crutches and the neck of the hip shortened by 30mm, it never repaired so had it replaced in Aug 2016. All good now and did 9000km last year.
  5. Hi Cengland i will take it. I will PM you to pay you / send you delivery address
  6. Does anyone have a Ceado E5SD or thoughts on performance v’s the Niche Zero or alternatively performance of the Ceado E5P. Thanks
  7. Any ideas when the next orders will be taken? ARM
  8. Excellent, thanks for the tips guys. ARN
  9. Unfortunately I do not have Facebook or Twitter. Might be worth having Instagram posts? ARN
  10. Hi Guy’s I have been lurking here for a while picking up tips. Hoping to pickup a second hand machine once I am allowed to post replies in the For Sale section. ARN
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