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  1. Yea i know it's not terrible in terms of age, but it tasted stale, i didn't like it at all. Again I can't give much in the way of taste notes, other than i tried dialing in the grind settings and no matter what i did it just tasted off. For me anyway the proof was in the pudding when i tried some other roasters and the coffee was great, using the same setup.
  2. Review of another local roastery in Chelmsford, Essex. No pictures this time, forgot to take them before I tossed the bags out. Max & Me - Chelmsford https://www.macandmeroasting.co.uk/ To be honest this was disappointing. I was led to believe we would be getting a weekly roasting so ordered two different bags. On delivery one bag was over two weeks old and another already well over three weeks old. On opening the bags i knew this wasn't going to be good. Again, I am not an expert in coffee but I know what fresh tastes like and this tasted unsurprisingly stale.
  3. This is my first review, I'm new to the forums and I'm not going to claim to be an expert on coffee. Therefore I cannot say much about the coffee, other than i like or dislike it. Little Fin Roastery - Located in Southend, local to me. https://www.littlefinroastery.com/ Apparently they roast on the weekend and ordering over the weekend, should get the coffee Monday or Tuesday. Mine turned up on Thursday I think. The bag states roasted on 13th December, making it 4 days old on arrival. Pretty good on that front then. I'm not going to be able to give much about
  4. I ordered a Eureka Mignon which didn't turn up after more than two weeks. I was told a couple of times it would be sent but never was. They finally told me it was due to waiting for supplies to be delivered. To be honest I would've ordered from someone else had i known as I originally wanted the Chrome version. To their credit they offered me a discount and another colour choice which I now have and I'm happy with and wasn't going to shell out the difference just for a chrome version. Side note: The red looks cool like a Ducati/Ferrari. On the other hand, I also placed an order for a few
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