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  1. @Sean1uccThanks mate! you've made my 2020!
  2. Hi there. Not working for me. Does it come off machines too? I've tried it on both the Barista Express and Pro
  3. Hi Sean, could i please have the code? Buying my first machines and would really appreciate it
  4. kypsolo


    welcome. I'm new too
  5. kypsolo


    Hi welcome. I'm new too goodluck
  6. Hey guys Sottish Coffee Lover here. I'm a beginner at making great coffee at home. Had a dreaded Nespresso machine and can't stand it anymore. Looking for any handy tips on Sage machines. Thinking either the Sage Barista Express or Sage Barista Pro? Thanks a lot
  7. Great tips too I'm a little confused on how to post on other threads but I'll figure it out
  8. Hi guys! I'm looking to get into making great coffee. Can't bare drinking a bad one now. Hope you guys don't mind me asking a few questions . cheers
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