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  1. Wonder, if the likes of aliexpress were listing them on their site, how many they managed to round up... I think I saw they had some listed (not there now though)
  2. I can't believe how quick they have sold this time around!
  3. Sorry! I'm waiting for mine to arrive in the March delivery batch. I won't be ordering another!
  4. There's usually 200-300 of the two colours available. With the last lot, white sold out in a couple of days and black in about 5 days. UK stock seemed to last longer than the other regions... No guarantees this time around however!
  5. 👍 I have the one hole rancilio v1/v2 wand and works well
  6. I've found a middle ground between stock steam stat (145deg) and pid for steaming is to get a 155deg stat. Steam pressure is up and is a good cheap upgrade. Can get the 155 stat from theespressoshop
  7. Slightly more battered then I remembered it to be! Spiral hairline cracks to the lens but is functional!
  8. I have one we no longer use. It's a bit battered, but works fine. Bought about 10yrs ago from happy donkey. I'll get a photo. Yours if you're happy to pay postage
  9. As above, it is doable but you need to know the quirks of getting the most out of the machine. Happy to talk you through it! I've had a classic for over 10 years now, rancillio mod was done a long time ago and is a must if you drink milk based drinks as we do. That combined with ensuring the boiler doesnt switch off during steaming is key. If / when we ever get out of lockdown your welcome to pop over / combine with a cycle!
  10. Thanks @Cuprajake niche towel arrived yesterday
  11. Eagerly anticipating my niche in March!
  12. Re the hoover, I would advise against because of the oils in the coffee will clog your filters and just make a mess of your hoover. Think I've seen a thread giving detail on the involved dyson!
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