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  1. I'd second neighbourhood. Had their decaf last and it was great!
  2. Gav86

    Welcome to Rave

    Morning all, Just a quick question on your resting experiences with rave. We have just started on their Columbia El carmen (no50). It was roasted on the 22nd April so rested for 11 days but were still getting a fair bit of funk! They recommend resting for 7 days but best after 14 days. Similarly we have opened their sugarcane decaf (roasted on the same date) and its tasty but similarly a little bit of funk still! Are we being impatient?
  3. Hay anyone tried the new cafe on eccy Road where the Nero's used to be? Can't remember the name of the place but in the Facebook soft launch ad I saw they had an eagle machine and looks exciting
  4. Can I add Gilmores on Greystones Road just off eccy road. Consistently great coffee and good selection of cakes and snacks. I have been to hopper a few times and their coffee has been consistently good. I did not know about marmadukes under the new HSBC offices, will have to check out when I get back to the office around the corner
  5. This will probably interest... Receive this email from them this evening...
  6. I too have been following this thread with interest! I've been toying with the thoughts of an upgrade and this thread has refocused my attention! I'm a little way off upgrading but would someone be able to let me know (or message me) the approx cost of the evo leva? I think between here and Tapatalk I've seen a figure in euro but I cant for the life of me remember! I'm excited once again! Haha dangerous...
  7. Gav86


    Cheers, I was umming and arrring between rave and extract. Think it'll be extract next time around.
  8. Gav86


    We have been drinking Neighbourhoods columbian decaf. It's really tasty, one of the best we have had I would say. Just about finished our bag however and onto trying rave's sugarcane decaf next
  9. First order from Rave arrived this morning! Just need to resist opening a bag for a few days!
  10. Gav86

    Welcome to Rave

    I'm looking forward to a few goodies arriving from rave on Saturday morning... Just hoping our current stock of beans don't run out before they have chance to degas!
  11. Stock is currently live on the website. Black UK out of stock but white is available for a June delivery....
  12. To keep the hype and control sales to balance manufacture? It would be great to see it open and not limited as their next business step however
  13. My guess is they will still limit stock but process through their own site now rather than indiegogo.
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