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  1. Yeah, like I said in my post. I was the same. Could not see anything, but bit the bullet. Then immediately had a minor issue with the machine which they were awesome in resolving. I could not have asked for more. Not sure their beans are quite to my tastes, but the machine has been great and the customer service has been perfect.
  2. @Geezercdg Worth noting I picked it up, so have no idea about how it would be delivered, other than the replacement drip tray was very carefully packaged including lots of bubble wrap etc. But that is obviously not the same as whether it would be on a pallet etc.
  3. Bought my Synchronika there 2 weeks ago. See below for some high level views.
  4. Hi @Raffael I sure have! 1.5 weeks of coffee heaven! Went for the Synchronika and having a great time. As a newbie, I am 100% satisfied that if you can afford a dual boiler (and will be having milk drinks), it makes life so much easier (and therefore also makes life better!). As a newbie, there are so many variables in making a good espresso, that just knowing that the brew temperature is where you set it (and you do not have to do cooling flushes etc) is great, and there is no having to think about prioritisation or order or whatever. Want coffee, pull the lever; want steam, flick the le
  5. Ah! Congrats @cengland117 If it could be plumbed, that would have been my machine of choice! I was close to pulling the trigger on the Synchrronika as well, but two more days of reading and watching videos is leading me away again. Seen more issues cropping up than I was expecting for something at this price point and where most people preach about build quality..... This one seems alarming: https://youtu.be/hl7Xxt3oNPM
  6. Hey @cengland117- I note from another thread your are expecting a new machine imminently..... Given you were considering the Synchronika, may I ask what you ended up going for instead?
  7. Thanks - I have seen it on Ebay. I don't think it can be plumbed in though can it? And yes, Wales is not really local to everywhere! It is a tricky time to buy as well, so hoping there just happens to be someone local. Otherwise a Zoom tour of the machine and ordering a careful courier (at an inflated cost) is probably the way forward 🙂
  8. Yes, very aware they are different, and the order is my order of preference really. All else being equal, I would like the Synchronika, but I certainly did not come into this thinking I would spend £2300 on a machine. However, if buying new and paying that premium, then I want to limit the chances of Upgradeitis. If there is a used one out there that is well maintained and I can save a bit of money - then great! My research has concluded that for what we want, dual Boiler offers the best user experience and other benefits as you describe. But HX would also do a very good job, that has it
  9. Hi All After lots of deliberation, I have decided on an ECM, ideally a Synchronika. Before I spend a load of money, just checking whether anybody is considering upgrading. Although a Synchronika is my machine of choice, I would also gladly consider spending less money and purchasing a Technika V or Mechanika IV if you were considering upgrading. Please let me know if you have anything of interest. Many thanks
  10. Dave's numbers seem quite low compared to the the figures I have seen quoted on this and other forums, where a few people have measured (but the usage is very unclear). I think that 700W figure is fair to say is as good as it gets because I think Dave is suggesting that much of that is on a single boiler, and am not sure what usuage it is estimating. Then set that against the UK TDCV (https://www.simplyswitch.com/energy/guides/average-energy-usage-uk/) Just did it to try put the numbers into context for myself really. Would be great if you @Rob1could measure and see how your ty
  11. Thanks @BlackCatCoffee and @Rob1 for the considered responses. Appreciate @BlackCatCoffee has answered lots of my mad questions now! While I am not demonstrating outside parliament about climate change, I do want to make decisions while being aware of the environmental consequences of those decisions. I want to take a considered approach to my consumption. I have obviously decided to buy a machine, which has a carbon cost of production and transportation, but over the life of the machine, any differences in those will be negligible. Which is why I want to buy a machine that will last me m
  12. Thanks. That all makes sense. Thanks Dave - the figures are very interesting (assuming it is 90-100W, rather than 900-1000W which would be outrageous!) I guess that highlights the key is keeping the grouphead warm, but the steam boiler can get back up to pressure comparatively quickly (more like the 10 mins Rob references), which makes sense I guess if it is just like a big kettle boiling 2L. To Rob's point however, I think I read somewhere from you before that turning the machine on and off puts additional strain on the parts cooling and heating regularly (may have made tha
  13. Thanks Dave for the prompt reply. Although I think I am a bit confused (easily done). In your MaraX review, you suggest the "running costs are perhaps only slightly more than a dual boiler without the steam function switched on" due to the prioritisation bits that are pretty unique to the MaraX. I think this suggests that all else being equal DB uses more energy than HX when running 2 boilers (as I think most reviews suggest). Or it could suggest that the MaraX uses (lets call it) half the energy of other HX machines. But you suggest above that HX typically uses more energy than
  14. In what feels like a never-ending deliberation (procrastination?) over choice of espresso machine, while I had thought I had decided on a dual boiler machine, HX has reentered the frame on the grounds of maintenance but also energy usage. I am conscious of the use of energy, and while I am fortunate that the cost of running an espresso machine may not be prohibitive, the environmental impact is nagging in the back of my mind when so much in the world is about trying to reduce energy consumption and we have looked at how we reduce energy in our house. Conventional wisdom seems to sugg
  15. Thanks. Definitely not averse to cleaning - quite the opposite. My fear is that the perfectionist in me will hate fingerprints and smears, which a coloured machine will mitigate. And yes, been speaking to David @BlackCatCoffee who has been really helpful. It is definitely on the list (if it could be plumbed I probably would have hit the purchase button already!).
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