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  1. Assuming 230v then resistance between terminals should be about 48ohms as the element is 1100w. Zero on every multimeter I have used is a short circuit, not an open circuit, the display usual shows blank or a dash for open circuit. There is something funny going on as the three readings don’t make sense. If there is a short circuit between the two sides of the element then I’d expect a consistent reading from both to the case, which we don’t have. 20ohms from element to case shows a major issue with the element/boiler so I’d expect the element has failed. @Copenhagen Coffee Chie
  2. @GiveMeCoffee - when you say it is tripping the fuse box, is it tripping the main RCD for the house? If it was a short I would expect it to blow the fuse in the plug rather than anything in the consumer unit for the house. If it is tripping the RCD then that indicates it is likely an earth fault has developed in the coffee machine. The most usual cause of that in a coffee machine is the heating element starting to fail, which causes current to flow via water in the tank to the chassis. The quick test is to disconnect the heating element internally and then see if it remains powered
  3. AdG

    Niche and static

    @Nightrider_1uk - mine came with the new cup. That was the March batch and was made in December 2020.
  4. So the conclusion is that our tastes have changed to much lighter roasts than we were used to. Had some great coffees from a number of places including three of the forum sponsors recently all of which have been medium to light roasts. Grinder has been performing well and enjoying single dose approach so we can have several on the go. Current favourite is a light roast Ethiopian from a local roaster.
  5. @Glowstars - My wife is insistent that we have caffeine in our coffee so can't specifically recommend any, but I've been impressed by coffee from the forum sponsors recently so they could be a good place to start e.g. @BlackCatCoffee or @Coffee by the Casuals Others have also recommended the sugar cane decaf at Extract as well: https://extractcoffee.co.uk/shop/decaf/
  6. In my case the bottomless portafilter with IMS basket takes 18g, whereas the stock portafilter and basket is better with 16g. It normally seems to end up as one 18 and two 16s per day or 50g. So a 250g bag in theory does 5 days, always seem to have a couple of grams left at the end though.
  7. @Gav86 - there is a small sticker on the back of each bag with 6 April 500g and BB of July 21 on them.
  8. I’ve found a few rosters who list the roast level, several of the forum advertisers do. @Crownandcanvas @BlackCatCoffee and @Coffee by the Casuals do for at least some of their coffees. And all the ones I’ve tried from them have been lovely coffees (only had a sneaky first try of Crown and Canvas as it only arrived this morning). Maybe @DavecUK made putting the roast level a condition of advertising? Some roasters are also known for specific styles e.g. Coffee Compass tends to roast darker and Smith Street Coffee near me specialises in light roasts.
  9. After being down to a few days coffee supply my new supplies arrived. A couple of bags from Crown & Canvas and also this pair of light roasts from just down the road, hand delivered by the roasters. Must resist the temptation to try them now as they need a little time to rest as they were roasted this morning!
  10. @richwade80 - how do they compare to Urnex Grindz for cleaning the grinder 🤣 Whilst jelly beans are expensive they are lot cheaper than Grindz!
  11. AdG


    @Joe shorrock - not managed that one yet, only time. I’m hoping religiously putting the cup back every time and using the single dose containers will prevent it happening.
  12. @Scro I’ve upgraded from a Silvia and Rocky combination over the last six months. I’m now on a Silvia Pro and Niche Zero. From my experience and the fact you have a better grinder already I’d say upgrading Silvia would give you the biggest step up. Moving to a clever HX or dual boiler with PID means no more temperature surfing and nice consistent results every time. For me the change meant every shot was like that perfect one when you hit the temperature just right on Silvia. How many milky drinks do you make? Worth considering improvements on the steam side if that is important. Aga
  13. Only the Silvia Pro which is the new dual boiler model has a PID as supplied. That one uses in boiler temperature probes so gives very stable temperature control. Silvia doesn’t have a PID, and options in the U.K. are quite limited. Auber do a PID kit which is a good option if you are US based. Newer Silvias do have a Gicar unit in them but all that does is control the 30min timeout as required in Europe.
  14. I doubt there would be much demand for the disk as all machines shipped since about February 2020 have had them fitted as standard, so it would only be people who have broken it or earlier machines that would need one. I'd have expected most of the earlier users to have got one or have their own solution by now. The page looks like a standard Shopify setup lots of companies use and worked OK as far as I went in the checkout process.
  15. @Cameron Logan - Silvia was based on their commercial machines and the design has not changed much in the last 20 years. As a result they are well made and parts are easy to get/change. There are a few things to be aware of such as rust issues on the frame, the built in element on the earlier models, which takes work to change. But otherwise they are simple to work on. I sold my 2004 machine last year, it was still in near perfect condition and never missed a beat in that time. You can add a PID to it, options available are more limited than on the Gaggia though.
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