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  1. Just checked - 16 in a set 4x4 differing sizes, with round and rectangular plates to match. 17 other ceramic coffee cups/mugs and 3 glass latte ones. So 33 for coffee.
  2. AdG


    My turn this morning. Went to make flat white after getting up, coffee into bottomless portafilter and into machine and started shot. Then disaster water/coffee spraying in various directions, thought for a moment did I really prepare the puck that badly? Nope finally realised I’d not put it onto the group properly and the spray was from the top of the portafilter. So shot one wasted. 2nd attempt fine, as was my next coffee, then ran shot for my wife’s coffee and it cut out during shot with the dreaded H2O message on the screen. Was just ok as cut off in final few grams. I normally top up
  3. AdG

    The next drop...

    The March batch had more white than black and the white still sold out first in all areas, so it seems strange they put more black this time. Checking back it took five days for all of them to sell out last time, can’t recall if the volumes were higher.
  4. @newdent as mentioned the pump is pushing water from the tank to create the pressure so you can’t not fill the boiler when brewing, the only water being added will be the volume of the shot you are pulling so not much. There is no water level sensor in the Silvia boiler. The Silvia Pro has the same boiler/element on the brew side, with the Rancilio PID the temperature stability is very good. I’ve only seen the temperature drop once and that was when I’d got the grind way off so it was a mega fast shot. After running the cleaning program (10 back flushes and 5 normal runs) the temperature
  5. @Paul Steffens I was having a brain fade on the positions of the three way valve. Activated the path is boiler to group. Off position is group to drip tray to release pressure (path from boiler closed). So as @Doram says it could be the coil having failed, the only strange thing is I would expect the pump to sound laboured in that case.
  6. @Paul Steffens No water out of the group or into the drip tray when on brew sounds like you have a blockage somewhere in that water path, rather than the coil not working. Have you dismantled the three way valve to clean it? There are a few guides online for that. It is also possible something is blocked before the valve coming from the boiler, with the three way valve off you might be able to check that with care. If the solenoid coil wasn’t working then you should get the water straight into the trip tray for the three way so it doesn’t sound like that.
  7. Was about to suggest the one I have as it has been good, but you beat me to it.
  8. @Miniwill as ajohn says it looks like the dose is too large for the basket. Which basket did your machine come with? My Silvia Pro has 40-100-107 which is supposed to be an 18 gram basket, but anything above 16g is too much. My Silvia had the older basket which wouldn't take more than 14g. Some people have said with the Niche the grind means they've had to drop the weight too. The coffee up the side looks like where it gets forced out as there is too much in, the screw pushing that deep into the puck won't help either. If you can get the weight right so the coffee can expand sli
  9. As Bella Barista had the bottomless portafilter back in stock I picked one up along with an IMS B702TH245M. I've only used the IMS filter so far with the bottomless portafilter so far but that basket works well for 18g dose from my current grinder - anything above 16g in the stock Rancilio basket seemed too much. Checking IMS basket does just fit the stock handle, I need to have a look at the clearances to see why that one fits when your B68 didn't. I'll test how it works when I next need to split a shot.
  10. Based on your comment I upped the temperature from 93 degrees to 95 and for this one it does bring out the sweetness better, thanks. I normally find either 93 or 94 the best for most coffees on my machine.
  11. Just opened this one today. Seems to be running about the same speed as the Rwandan one I’ve just finished so not much dialling in needed. Though that needed a finer grind than other recent ones.
  12. The Gaggia baskets are 2mm smaller than the Rancilio ones, are you sure that is not what is causing the issue? Silvia and Silvia pro need 70mm ones. The stock basket on the pro is the same as the latest Silvias (40-100-107) but the handle is one off a commercial machine. The stock basket is 24mm deep so surprised height is the issue as there seems to be some depth below it in the handle. For the bottomless portafilter you will need B70 baskets to fit properly. I’m looking to get an IMS basket or similar for my Silvia Pro but hadn’t checked the dimensions for the correct one yet
  13. @spasypaddy - just got a mail from @BlackCatCoffee to say he’s got some in stock now if you are quick!
  14. @SDB-Niche We’ve settled on semi skimmed from our local farm - Our Cow Molly in Sheffield, as featured on Countryfile last Sunday (we are just outside their delivery area but they supply our milkman). Had issues with the other dairy our milkman uses in that it wouldn’t always froth well, no issues now so the extra 2p per litre is worth it quite apart from supporting a small local business. Just after lockdown 1 started Our Cow Molly was the only option in the local Morrison’s as they stepped in when they ran low of their own brand!
  15. @TheWinterLotus - ok spotted your picture of the plate 0202. So February 2002 manufacture. Could be slightly later as my old Rancilio had factory test paperwork that was a good few months newer than the plate.
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