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  1. Yes I think i am totally over thinking it. Been changing the grind etc.. and the coffee has been awful. Guess it allows for greater variation if required. Will continue learning and see how I go I guess. Thanks
  2. If just checked and the needle starts of slow. Then just goes straight to over 11. But the pump is still at 10. I'm really confused. As when making coffee with the paddle fully open and I've grinder correctly the gauge pressure will still go to 11 and I will close it to get it to 9.
  3. Hi. I am a total newbie who has purchased a Bianca recently (upgrade from a bean to cup machine). I have been watching vids playing around with the machine and have a question that I cannot seem to find the answer to. So i have checked and the pump pressure seems to be set to 10bar. However when I put in a blind filter the pressure on the group head gauge is over 11. I would have thought that these 2 should be the same with the blind filter fitted? And does it really make a difference if I can close the paddle to 9ish when brewing? This is a steep learning curve for me.
  4. So its between minima and Bianca (may need to save a little). Decisions decisions. Thank you all for helping to narrow it down
  5. What do you mainly drink eg espresso, latte, flat white etc? Espressos and lattes Are you set on a dual boiler machine or would you consider a heat exchanger? Dual boiler Are you happy with the added maintenance requirements of traditional E61 group? No not really he wouldn't keep up with the maintainance although he says he would! Is plumbing the machine in to the mains an option? No we have really hard water so would use bottle water for the new machine Is noise a problem (someone sleeping in the next room when you want to make a coffee for example)? No Any
  6. What I looked for is a dual boiler and relatively easy to use. I have looked at the bianca and it's more aesthetically pleasing although a little out of the budget. Who thought making a decision would be so hard.
  7. Hi all. I'm new to the forum and thank you to all that recommend and advise on here. It really helped me narrow down which machine I wanted I decided that the lelit Elizabeth would be perefect for our requirements (drink daily 2 milk coffees, and 3/4 black). However my partner doesn't like the look of it so it's no longer an option. Any recommendations on which machine now? We have a budget of £1500 + £500 for a good grinder. Any advise would be much appreciated.
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