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  1. I have just recently purchased the Clever and have been enjoying it quite some. I found that on my grinder (delonghi dedica) I have to grind much finer then I do for a v60, is that expected for immersion brews? For the V60 I have to use setting 11 usually (from total 18) while for the Clever I need to go to 7, which is quite significantly finer. I did two side-by-sides recently (one with ethiopia, one with kenya) and had the cups switched and did the blind testing. I did not prefer either, both were great, but there was this quality to the V60 cup that I am struggling to put into words. It
  2. Thanks, that's what I've suspected. So all the smart pouring kettles that do any temperature you'd like, like the 96, is that feature useless then? I found that when I brew a bit colder, some coffees taste not as bitter, while maintaining grind setting, ratio and other variables.
  3. Will do, I am slowly getting prepped to start scoring things and make some sense of it all.
  4. @MWJBI have followed your recommendation and got an electric pouring kettle. After regular kettle it's so much more controllable, that now I think I don't agitate the slurry enough, as my drawdown time increased by 30 seconds on average in the past two days that I'm testing it. I have gotten a second cone and a Clever as well, I might just brew Clever for my family and a V60 for myself, since they don't really care about the nuances as much.
  5. I've got around 40 liters of B and am getting used to it with my daily brews. I am a novice frankly speaking, right now climbing out of the 'valley of despair' if anyone's familiar with Dunning-Kruger's Effect graph, and I started to talk more to local baristas at my favorite coffee places, and they told me that if I brew at 96C I should never let the water boil, because that has a negative effect on brewing and extraction. I have never heard this before, in all espresso videos they always say that water goes inthe the grouphead boliding and cools off there, so I wanted to fact-check this
  6. A: Calcium 20-50 mg/l Magnesium 5-20 mg/l Chlorides 8-25 mg/l Sulfates 5-15 mg/l B: Calcium <45 mg/l Magnesium <15 mg/l Chlorides <25 mg/l Sulfates <15 mg/l They don't provide ranges for B, only max values. At the moment we're ordering A, E and F. I will go with B, thank you for recommendations @Rob1and @MWJB
  7. I've recently made a topic in New Members section and got some great recommendations about how to improve my v60s. I'm going to start scoring my morning brews in about a week or two from now after I finish moving and set up my kitchen area. Meanwhile I've decided to prep a little to that – get myself a proper pouring kettle (currently researching what to get) and choose water to brew with. I'm in Ukraine and tap water is not really ok to drink. I use it for steam baths to heat up baby formula, and when I boil it and open the kettle I can clearly smell some very unpleasant notes, and I can'
  8. I brew for three people who are all quite thirtsy for coffee, so even 750g are often not enough. I end up brewing 650 or 750 in the morning, and another batch of 650 later in the afternoon. Indeed all the recipes are focusing on around 400-500 gram batches, but I'll have to brew twice in a row, two times a day if I brew this little. It's doable. And that's exactly what conduses me as well. It's as if someone was changing the grind setting one way or another, while it actualyl stays untouched. It must be some other variable, liek temperature or how aggressively I pour or agi
  9. Hi, I've shot a video of myself brewing a V60. I started brewing it at home around 2 years ago, and this is as far as I've got. My problem is that sometiems I get really really enjoyable cups – fruity, sweet and clear, but half of the time I get weak and hollow, or bitter, or muddy/powdery cups. I use same setup, same 5 or 6 varieties I've selected from what's avaialble locally (I'm in Ukraine). So this inconsistency is really upsetting. Also I'm trying to develop my pallet, but I solely rely on online sources, and it's sort of tough to do that by yourself, so I am in a constant state o
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