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  1. 🤯 I just wanted to try their Christmas coffee before everyone stops them, sadly missed out on black cat coffee's jingle beans
  2. Hi, I was about to order some coffee from Coaltown and noticed that there's an option for referral codes. Wonder if somebody has one to share? Thanks
  3. I'm actually in a toss up with the two you've mentioned for my next, I've got 500gs left so likely my next order would be around end of Jan. Fingers crossed they'll still be around. Have you tried the Coaltown with milk?
  4. Do Hasbean do discount codes? Seems like they do but doesn't shows where to get them ie. newsletter etc.
  5. Hi All, I've been looking for some strong spicy/boozy flavoured Christmas coffee beans for a B2C coffee machine. I'm looking for something other than sweet/chocolate flavour but Rave Coffee seems like a good choice Could someone recommend me some beans? Thanks
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