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  1. Thanks for replies. I need to do a bit more research!
  2. Hi, I’m interested in getting into home roasting. Does anyone have any experience of the Nuvo ECo Ceramic roaster as it seems a good starting point for roasting small batches of 75g. I’d welcome any other suggestions with a budget of £100. Thanks.
  3. Hi. Can anyone recommend the best scales (incl timer) for under £100 to use for both espresso, v60 & aeropress? I’ve got a cheap set that just auto stop which is annoying. I read on the forum in a previous post that some scales don’t work for pour over as they are affected when stiring the coffee. I’ve seen the hario and timemore mentioned in reviews but would welcome views as to which is better and is most reliable and accurate. I can’t unfortunately afford the expensive Acai ones!
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