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  1. In that case... Should be back in time to watch, Omloop Het Nieuwsblad
  2. I just want a set that's not going to cost the earth....I've already spend over budget about 10 times...😳
  3. How long are you going out for...? Not sure if it's still dark at 9am there, leave a 10am...mmm that would mean, 5hrs plus, ride... serious miles !!😉
  4. Beat me to it... I just had notification...
  5. I second that.. or get @DavecUK to sell his 2nd pair...😅
  6. I've been using some I bought from aldi, that I use for cooking...well measure ingredients...not actually cooking, I use a cooker for that... but since I've been using it to measure my coffee for Aeropress, using the scoop supplied, I seem to get a different measurement everytime....!! I like the idea of cheap, but they still need to measure consistently.. I've seen a few versions of these, upto 500g,1kg,2kg and 3kg but some of the reviews say they don't way correctly.
  7. Getting confused, which scales to get. Too many out there. I've even,cut pieces of paper to replicate sizes to see if they will sit on the drip tray, but that doesn't really help with the depth...
  8. First delivery of beans, in anticipation.... .....with some ground
  9. That's going to look really nice next to your vesuvius 🙂👍
  10. Apparently, there is one...it's a triathlon club. I tried joining but didn't work.
  11. Get to work with Cat 4 stuff, nice... Do you ignite electronically? Remember the Oban New Years display,when they pressed the button, everything ignited at once...30sec..!!
  12. Bringing back the memories as a kid, Me Mom and Dad used to do Service for Bantel, think it was a Vauxhall victor, they used to put a cushion over the hand break for me to sit on..!!! I used to have a scrap book, but sadly 😔 it got thrown out, at some point in my life.
  13. Cool, can't remember if the team was still going then, don't think so...When I was a kid, Colin Lewis, who rode for them, as did Les West, used to stay at our house, when racing in the Midlands.
  14. Nice picture 👍If I'm not mistaken his riding a Holdsworth top?
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