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  1. Dimmer mod here I come. Back to the dimmer mod thread for best current dimmers etc.
  2. Refill the boiler? Idiot's guide edition? Open up the brew switch?
  3. Yeah makes sense. I know we talked about this previously but I didn't get the reasoning at the time, benefit of experience! That method seems to make the most sense. But yeah, moving on to the dimmer mod when I have the time.
  4. Has anyone mounted their PID in the lid? I'm going to cut a piece of walnut to fit over the steel aspect of the lid, and would like to fit the PID facing upwards, just underneath the water funnel on the right hand side. It seems to be the only place that has space inside. Has anyone fitted the PID internally like this? Is it safe in terms of heat or does it still need to be mounted in the aluminium case? I have the Shades kit for ref. Next pie in the sky mod would be to get a fabricator to remake the case in copper... Can't be impossible to find someone!
  5. Looks good! Personally I love using the MK feld 47 and find the benefits of a hand grinder outweigh the negatives. Your point re. venting boiler is an interesting one, and I look forward to someone coming along to answer it for us!
  6. I know this has been done to death over the past years (and before someone tells me to add dimmer and gauge yes I am going to do that in the near future!), however I thought I'd resurrect the discussion for my own personal satisfaction. I've been opening the steam wand as I start the shot in order to try preinfusing slightly as I'd read in various places the effects were positive. However I tend to find that by the time I turn it off (approx 5 seconds in) and the shot starts pouring, because I've opened up the wand the temp has already dropped to around 90 before going on to about 87 for the e
  7. I was thinking of something more stylish than a standard jug. So straight walls which expand from the neck to the bottom, and a straight collar which flares again from the neck to a nice tight spout. I'll see if I can make a few samples later and get some photos up.
  8. Very true. Are those stickers any good? How long do they tend to last? I've used them when being beer before but they don't tend to make it past one brew.
  9. Yeah that is something I've thought of. The jug wouldn't be thick, however obviously wouldn't conduct as much as metal. I do suspect though that it would need conductive enough that you could learn to gauge the heat of the milk.
  10. Yeah it would be fine. Pottery is fired to at least 1000c so it can withstand quite a lot! Agree, I'm pretty particular about the coffee and espresso mugs I make. They have to be just right!
  11. Morning all, being a potter who loves good coffee I've decided that instead of buying a milk jug I'll throw one for myself. I appreciate the benefits of metal however pottery is just much more lovely. I could just find a standard design and copy it however this feels like a chance to think a little bit about what would make the ideal milk jug. Thoughts? What, if anything, could be improved from standard designs? Obviously form follows function here however I'm also looking to make something that looks good with my coffee setup too. This could be the forum approved ceramic milk jug...
  12. Wow, some read. I'll sit down with that later and read through it. I'm also going to have a go at swinging the perimeters of the machine and the PID around to get a better idea of the effects. I feel it's better to understand this stuff from experience, and not end up with a setup of which I have no understanding.
  13. Cheers, it really is all I need. I like the fact that as soon as I change the setting the grind changes, as opposed to having to waste whatever coffee is coming through at the old setting before it changes.
  14. Makes more sense! So how exactly does lower pressure affect flow?
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