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  1. Hi everyone Following a predictable lockdown upgrade, I'm now selling a lovely little Gaggia Baby Class machine. This is a great entry level espresso machine from Gaggia! This has a 58mm commercial solid portafilter and makes excellent espresso with great crema. I replaced the solenoid valve a couple of years ago and have just descaled the inside of the boiler, the solenoid valve, grouphead and shower screen and replaced the boiler gasket on 14.01.21 and have pulled the shot in the picture the following day! There are some aesthetic marks that you may be able to remove wit
  2. Hi there - I'm currently repairing a Gaggia Baby which has all the marks of a blocked solenoid (water is flowing from the steam wand fine but no/limited water making it to through the group). Having done the job before easily I thought it would be easy but having disassembled and cleaned and checked the coil is working it is still not working - is there anything else glaring that would cause this? Thanks!
  3. Hi @Chriss29! So, just for background - this is a single boiler machine (not heat exchanger) so best if you're mainly making espresso rather than milky coffees as you have to wait to heat the boiler to the correct steam temp. In terms of water - using tap water is fine in my opinion but, depending on the hardness of your water, you will need to descale more regularly. Monthly backflushing is good practice too. This level of maintenance is the same for any espresso machine though! In terms of performance compared to the Baby - there is just so much more you can play with! You wo
  4. Now you tell me! 😂 Technical question - the factory OPV seems to be set at 12 bar which seems a little high. I read that the ideal setting is around 10 bar to achieve 9 at the brewhead - do you agree? Do you think reducing the brew pressure will lead to reduced channelling?
  5. I've been confined to the household cupboard - hence the other appliances
  6. Thanks for this! Yeah I thought this might be the case but one step at a time! I've read somewhere about a mod you can do so that you can set the grind size in between the the numbered 'steps'. But I agree - retention levels are annoyingly high. Beats the De'Longhi grinder I had before by a long shot in any event!
  7. I certainly did! well spotted - apologies @DavecUK! @Mrboots2uI am banking on the built quality of Bezzera to see out the 2 year warranty in any case! I'm also not afraid of taking the back off and sorting things myself but thank for the warning. I also struggled to find another Unica on the market - seems a relatively rare machine!
  8. Finally took the plunge and upgraded a Gaggia Baby and De'Longhi grinder and loving it! My only regret is the amount of gound coffee going in the bin trying to dial in different beans!
  9. Whilst aware of this thread, I recently bought a Bezzera Unica PID (on DavecUK's recommendation!) and Nemox Lux grinder from Caffè Italia for a decent (Black Friday) price and had no issues. (I did make sure to pay with PayPal to get their Buyer Protection cover in case things went wrong). In classic Italian style, delivery was a little slow (about 1.5 weeks), but UPS tracking information was provided and CI customer service was reasonably responsive over phone and email. You mustn't take for granted the Italian culture towards administration - patience is key! Machine and grinder ar
  10. Can anybody recommend a nice bottomless portafilter that will fit a Bezzera Unica (E61 group). I saw somewhere that not all E61 groups are made equal - is this right?
  11. So is this just something you have to live with if you get a pro-sumer machine? The bigger the group the more stable the temperature (so better more reliable shots) but the longer it takes to heat it up?
  12. Wow - this is very interesting reading. I was about to get a Bezzera Unica PID MN until I read this. I don't like the prospect of having to turn on the machine for 40 mins before pulling a shot! And Having to adjust the OPV... What are your thoughts on comparison with the Vibiemme Domobar Lever HX? Thanks Will
  13. Really helpful guys thank you! I'd be interested in any more single boiler PID machines you can recommend - is there a forum page dedicated to this do you know?
  14. These guys seem legit - anyone had good/bad dealings? (I note the issue on the forum last year with mis-described burrs)
  15. Thanks both! BCC - yes, I noticed the difference in boilers and I'm on the fence. I know that HX/dual are considered higher spec but, I pretty pretty much only drink espresso and never with milk, so the steaming function is sort of secondary and would be if I was making for other people! I suppose resale value (when I inevitably upgrade!) is a reason for the HX.... Do you have any other recommendations for pro-sumer espresso machines under £1k? As I say, not massively bothered about steaming functions - looking for a beautiful, well made machine which makes great, hot espressos every
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