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  1. I experience long royal mail delays this year (covid?) so I tried union coffee (beans) a few times from Sainsburys. The package had the roasting date and it was recently roasted (20 days old the first time and 17 days the second time). The coffee was actually quite good. So it is a good plan B if your subscription coffee is delayed.
  2. Hi all, the grinder is now sold (at asking price) ! Thanks for all the PMs, i'll add the next one here Ilias
  3. Hi Phil, It has a bellow where you can blow the few extra grams of coffee. In my experiments about 1.55gr of coffee is trapped and just by simply pumping the bellows it gets out. With this mod you practically avoid coffee exchange. The grinder is gloss white and I have the box. See a video here: Ilias
  4. I would prefer to sell both as a bundle.
  5. Hi, My Niche Zero is here so I reluctantly sell my Specialita. I only had it for a few months and it is in as new condition (no scratches etc) It still has bella barista warranty till 4/11/22 (card will be provided). It comes with a 3d-printed single-dosing mod that works amazingly well (never used the original hopper). It comes with the unused original hopper and the original box. In terms of the sale: Asking price is 300GBP, I think it is fair as it is as-new with the mod included. I prefer collection from central London (kings-x area)
  6. Keep in mind that the new Niche Zeros come with a new dosing cup that is double walled and doesn't have any ridge. Maybe you will be soon able to order those. edit: just noticed this was mentioned already.
  7. Can anyone recommend a good starting point for cold brew ? (currently I use setting 21 for 18gr->40gr out espresso with marax... and setting 38 for 500ml in 3:30'' for v60) Also please share any amazing cold brew recipe that you might know... Thank you Ilias
  8. I don't understand why niche is not increasing the price... They could still sell the same amount of devices over a period of a whole month but at a higher price (instead of selling out in 24h for a lower price)... Most probably they just want to increase production and they are working towards this (e.g., building the tooling required).
  9. My white also arrived. Great coffee so far. Build date is Dec 2020.
  10. Got my DPD notification, yeay.
  11. Today I tried this coffee for the first time and I love it. Quite different to what I used to drink (darker roasts). Quite aromatic and definitely delicious. [I have no affiliation/incentives, honestly enjoyed it] @Django Coffee Co.
  12. Thanks for the reply! I think it is more like a negative feedback loop. When the water is near the rim of the first filter some air bubbles start getting in. This air has some volume that replaces water that is then expelled in the external water tank-> water in external tank rises very slightly (less than a mm) ---> loop... So towards the end the water level in the external tank fluctuates slightly up/down (it doesn't just monotonically go down). This continues until enough water passed through the membrane into the internal tank in order to stop this feeback loop. In my ca
  13. Yeap, I didn't say it was not normal. I only wished they had a different sensor for the water level (e.g., magnetic) to avoid the noise. Basically I love my osmio zero. If they ever release a V2 these would be in my wish list: Better water level sensor (to cut the pump quicker and avoid unnecessary noise) Two programmable buttons for water dispensing (e.g., time-based water serving). My glasses are 400ml and my water bottle is 1lt. So I wish I could "program" the dispenser to fill those. Many coffee machines and grinders have such programming capabilities, shouldn
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