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  1. If you also want a timer, I also use this one: https://www.amazon.co.uk/HIYT-Digital-Function-Batteries-Included/dp/B07D4MVPQB/ However, these are *significantly* larger (and uglier) than the silver scales proposed above (I have both).
  2. I also have a Marax (before I had a Victoria) and I am super happy...
  3. It does expel enough volume of air, yeah. At least enough to knock the trapped coffee. I didn't test it extensively though (I only had 1 shot since I made it). About longevity, I don't know. Printing the bellows was not straightforward with my printer as it requires a single wall of 0.8mm. But after getting the configuration right, it seems pretty strong, time will tell. I'll let you know when/if it fails. Ilias
  4. So I printed the design above. Both the hopper and the bellows. It came out pretty well. Here are the settings I used for the bellows; https://www.thingiverse.com/make:894390
  5. Just wondering about the one-way valve: is there any chance that the OPV return flow rate will be higher than the pump input flow rate ? From what I understand the worse case scenario is that the OPV out will be 100% of the input flow (in case ppl use a blind portafilter). In every other case some of the water will return and some will go through the puck or in the main boiler. I guess the pressure is about 10bar when exiting the opt but it will quickly drop to negative as the pump is sucking water on the other side. Therefore, I don't see the case where water will need to ex
  6. The crono looks quite good. Esp. if you single dosing, you wont need the fancy LCD screens and timers....
  7. I'll try to print it. I run out of TPU but some is on its way 😛
  8. Btw, the design you pointed out is available to download: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4703218
  9. If you wait until I get my specialita (next days) I will probably design such a thing for mine and print it 😛 Not sure what I will use for bellows. I've seen people using silicon part of power steering like this one: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MAPCO-17156-axle-joint-gaiter-Bellow-steering/193162553847?hash=item2cf962a9f7:g:y8kAAOSwJeVdqFRa BTW, . STL files are very hard to edit. These do not the "source code" of the original design. It is the output of the design, practically a set of tiny triangles creating the shape. You can still modify them, but anything complicated i
  10. Frozen beans might have very little moisture... Maybe use the WDT method for those.
  11. Is burr seasoning necessary ?
  12. Why did you peak these 2k ? Cherry picking 2k out of 25k customers could mean that 23K customers didn't get their items/refunds within in a logical time frame... 😛
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