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  1. That was the one I would have gone for if I hadn't picked up the feld2.
  2. I know everyone has put you back onto the electric grinder hunt but let me put my two pence in. I have a feld2 hand grinder and it does a fantastic job at grinding for espresso. Does it require effort? Not a huge amount, it does take maybe 1 minute to grind 17g. How many shots would you be making per day? I make between 3-4 and don’t find it that much of a PITA. Sorry if I have made it harder for you again but I didn’t want you to completely throw away the idea of hand grinding when you can get a much better grind for the money.
  3. What did you go for? what espresso machine have you gone for? I have a gaggia classic 2011 and pull good shots. Does the job for now at £160 I’m happy. But can certainly feel the urge for an upgrade in the next few months. Lelit is calling at me haha
  4. and another bit of note, the beans you buy make a massive difference. Purchase from a reputable company, I would recommend @BlackCatCoffee but there are plenty others on the forum. You can get away with starbucks or union coffee but still they should only be a fill in if you are awaiting an order.
  5. moving on with @Cuprajake I have a feld 2 hand grinder purchased from a forum member and it is truly brilliant. Try and find one second hand, I got my one for £80, to get the same quality of grind you would need to spend £300+ on an electric.
  6. Hey sorry I didn’t get notified of this. I looked Into these, I was tempted to offer less but tbh they don’t look looked after. I purchased a Feld 2 hand grinder from a forum member last month and that’ll do me for now until I realise that hand grinding at 5 am before work in the summer is not going to work for me 😂.
  7. I look forward to the photos,
  8. Yeh that would be great if you could pop photos in this post and a price please. (To keep within the rules).
  9. Struggling to find a 2nd hand one as they are relatively new. £189 new. Although I do like the reviews and seems to be a better option than a cheap electronic grinder.
  10. what would you recommend to look at?
  11. @Akula I have gone from a Delonghi Esam 4200 to a gaggia classic, so relatively new to trying different coffee so not sure on that one. Must admit I do like strong flavour though. Great I’ll keep an eye out for it popping up in the sale section.
  12. Explain poor flow? The flow of an espresso should not be ‘fast’. 18 seconds is too fast for that length of shot. Espresso is usually around 30ml double is 60ml. Your looking at an extraction time of around 30 seconds. This can vary depending on the bean, grind size etc. im not an expert just giving my opinion on what I have experienced and learned. I am still relatively new to all of this. Someone with more knowledge will likely pop up and give you lots to go on. look at trying 30 seconds at 60ml of liquid. Let me know how you get on. Change the water h
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