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  1. The water was mainly from me being inside messing with things and the weird max fill of the boiler when the earth connection is loose and I think that's what caused the boiler to overfill and it just never got fully drained
  2. Okay so I drew around 500ml of water out of the boiler before the pump came on and it came on for just a few seconds, maybe 5? After the water had been drawn the steam was dry! It also made less noise but it still sounded like it was struggling, never had an espresso machine that made that kind of noise, sounds like an old boiler on the frits in a house... I found the adjustment screw, it's an Allen key inside the bit where water comes out, I may just replace it especially if that's where the noise comes from. I bought the machine from a guy on Facebo
  3. So this is the expansion valve? Seems like the black part can be turned by hand should this be tight by hand? Also there isn't anywhere to adjust pressure that I can see apart from boiler pressure
  4. This is the noise 2075307569_PXL_20210504_131310934_960x540(1).mp4
  5. I can't see anything that would adjust pressure on there? I will get a group head pressure guage and see if changing the pressure works... Will it be to do with the O rings or just too much pressure?
  6. That was after full purge, it was pretty quickly 1oz of water still
  7. PXL_20210504_143536484_960x540.mp4
  8. Think the shadow from the flash made it look more snug haha! It's a vibe pump, I'll try send a video now but it's hard to get the video size small enough
  9. It looks like the stock part to be honest, I could be wrong, but it's how I got the machine. It seems like the wet steam and the boiler foaming noise is a recent development since shipping. The steam wasn't as wet before shipping (lots of stuff got knocked around) Yeah I always purge steam wand and I think the steam got more wet since I got it. Soaks my hand if I put it under the steam wand which I have never had with any machine. Haven't heard any problems from this machine having super wet steam. The cables have plenty of room and aren't pinched either. I
  10. Yeah that's my boiler pressure (single boiler HX) what should that be sitting at? I did check the probe and it's all the way down to the plastic guide that inserts to the boiler so maybe it's a retrofit part or something that's not quite long enough? I'm not sure but it just seems strange that the boiler if super full and I'm getting very wet steam... maybe it's how the boiler is seated. Is there any way to change the fill level and reduce it a little? I'll attach some photos of the interior
  11. LolHi I am experiencing some issues with a Gaggia TS and I was hoping someone would be able to help diagnose the problems. 1st problem - machine groans at pressure when pump is active 2nd problem - steam is VERY wet Minor issues - sometimes the pump doesn't shut off when starting machine up after opening it... This was apparently to do with earth cables all being in place properly, but I have a sneaky suspiciousion the water probe is reading too high ? It doesn't seem to seat all the way on the but on the top of the boiler and would explain the wet steam?
  12. They don't have that part anywhere ? You have to take the entire machine apart to get access to it also...if you know where I can get the part please link it
  13. Hi I have a Vario and the top burr bow spins freely as the plastic part broke during grinding? Does anyone know if this can be fixed? Need to replace the plastic part if possible
  14. Hi I recently just bought a Gaggia TS1 and it got battered in the post... It has two problems which cycle and seem to be connected... The first problem is when I turn machine on the pump kicks in to fill boiler and doesn't turn off, creating a crazy amount of pressure in the machine... It doesn't matter how long I leave it, the pump will not turn off. I made sure all the earth cables are connected, yet this problem still occurs Problem 2 is when the pump finally doesn't kick in the pressure valve endlessly leaks water and never stops.... Please help!
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