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  1. Of course I will follow Dave's recommendation. But it's good to know what's the root of the issue.
  2. Somehow, modding it means voiding the warranty as well. Maybe I will stick to what @alexcs suggested to me in the youtube. He realize when doing the profiling and GSP, the noise can be avoided.
  3. Thanks @DavecUK. But I don't understand what do you meant by bypass the HX? Does Crem One LFPP has brew water run into the Steam boiler like Breville Dual Boiler? U mean having an external tubing to bypass the line from the pump into the brew boiler without entering the steamboiler?
  4. But when some of it makes that sound and some don't, that's inconsistency and it is a problem...
  5. So, there is still no solution from Crem?
  6. Any update on the noise from Crem..? I know everyone says it has no issue, but one of the reason people upgrade to rotary pump is due to the silent extraction.
  7. Recently, I saw someone "upgraded" the Top burr carrier in Niche Owner Group on FB. Anothet one pointer out that the original plastic carrier isn't completely flat, thus he too upgraded it. Anyone have tried? What's your point of view in this part? Will the extra weight of the aluminium carrier cause any side effect to the grinder? Will the rubbing between the plastic funnel and the harder aluminium carrier cause any problem?
  8. Okay then. For the fun of it, every effort worth. I do that too... Enjoy...
  9. They also mentioned that the exchange retention to be around 0.3g
  10. Why not just send back to authorized service center. Breville isn't expensive to repair. In my place, they don't charge expensive. If you don't know what you are doing, let those who knows.
  11. I meant Dave said not to practice RDT in his video. @Rob1, sorry if u felt offended when I reply to your point. It was merely for discussion. Have a great week ahead.
  12. Not you Dave, the person i. the video said run it under hot water at 1:53. U mentioned not to practice RDT with Niche in a video of your if I am.not mistaken. The video 1:53 told to run it under hot water. Sorry, I don't know why I heard soak. But still running through hot water.
  13. I remember @DavecUK mentioned in one of his video to avoid the RDT technique because the burrs are coated with some non stick coating and water will erode that. But in this video, he actually told viewers to soak the burr in hot water. Care to clarify this @DavecUK?? Regarding the sweeper piece, I also remember Dave's video it was mirror polish and it's not the case in the production unit. DId Niche stop polishing it or it was Dave who polished it..? The calibration ring is to ease the manufacturer life. Cause we can't get the exact same thread always in machining. So, a "calibration"ring can help. Afterall, the dot and the marking is only for personal reference more than an actual value.
  14. Is it because of the angled handle..?
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