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  1. Hi there. I am not sure why Breville/Sage didn't insulate its boilers. Has anyone insulate their boilers to improve the thermal efficiency? Can Insuflex do the job?
  2. Eureka has been making grinders for other brands for many years. Rockets, Nouvo Simoneli, and some other brands. In the Solis case, they just rebadge Eureka Manuale (I believe).
  3. Because the dial is too small. Abut of movement can result huge changes on the grind size. Get this thing printed and installed as description. U'll find it easier to get the right setting. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4818921
  4. Has anyone compared the retention and grind time for both Specialita and XL as comparison?
  5. Thanks @DavecUK. I was determined to buy Bianca before i came across Crem One and your video.
  6. It's sad to hear all the stories. I'm actually very tempted to get myself a Crem LFPP in the near future. Looks like I have to wait a little longer for them to fix their issues. If I can't wait, I might just go ahead with Bianca.
  7. Always run the grinder when u are adjusting the grind setting to finer.
  8. Thanks. I appreciate it. But it's not the grinds that falls below the chute. It's those that flew all over.
  9. I'm using Eureka Mignon Mk2. Quite a small unit with quite abit of retention. I fitted a bellow in qnd it works. However, it creates some mess with fines flying out and I have to clean the table every few days or a week. Something I realized along the way. When I let it grind and purge after the end of grind, the grinds are quite clumpy. When i purge along the grinding process, the grinds comes out very fluffy. but with flying fines.
  10. I tested the machine in a local retailer. I haven't play with profiling and GSP. But the machine was extremely quiet.
  11. I actuallt have the Specialita version with the scale at the side. Please do check in the profile. link to the part. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4818921
  12. It's branded under the ORO series. I hope it's 65mm.
  13. ain this picture, it looks like the prototype is a Mignon Manuale with a swapped base to tilt the Mignon Manuale forward. Maybe Eureka might also add in a disc under the hopper to feed the beans at a consistent rate for more uniform grinding. Juat my thought.
  14. I am just wondering if there's anyone comparing a Mignon XL with an Atom 65 in terms of speed and retention. And I also have a few question comparing it to Specialita. How much faster is the grinding. How much lower the retention is. Are both XL and Specialita diamond inside burrs?? In my country, XL is USD142 cheaper than Atom 65 and USD340 more expensive than Specialita. Any opinion? thanks in advance for the information.
  15. clean group head?? Sent from my SM-N975F using Tapatalk
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