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  1. When I was in the process of trying to buy one, I saw an additional charge of £10 creep in from somewhere. Does anyone know what that might have been for? It was as if it was related to where I live but cannot think why. I was buying a UK version. It might have been because of the credit card I was using... Did any successful bidders pay extra?
  2. I went in when 39 out of 350 black were sold. By the time I'd completed the check-out details they had all gone. I'm sure I wasn't that slow.
  3. Sold Out. All shown as sold within 30 mins. Very popular, else odd site behaviour.
  4. All appear to be sold? - correction: I think they've updated and more are available.
  5. My machine came with [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], then [email protected] on P1. I assume that is the lever profile you refer to? All the other pressure profiles were a somewhat less inspiring [email protected], [email protected], then [email protected]
  6. The PWM Max Accel. Setting on my new machine is 400 (no idea what units). I haven’t changed any of the factory settings on the basis that I don’t know any better. I have noticed that it takes a few seconds to ramp up to 9 bar (and then overshoots) but haven’t been tempted to adjust anything yet. I’m still swapping between a familiar flat 9bar profile (as my baseline for comparison) and a higher initial pressure, reducing. At one shot a day and only one change at a time, occasionally, means it could be a long voyage of discovery… I have made notes about settings and using the machine
  7. No probs. I note that, in my haste to please, the data I sent was not very tidy and no valid profile had been selected, so that the plot was blank. I first started with two profiles: One for pre-infusion. this was a 'flat' 2.0bar but I found was not always enough to 'break through'. That's why I added the rising pressures after an initial 2.0 but never needed to get to the far end. The second profile was a standard 'flat' 9.0bar which I used to judge the initial set-up with (it seemed like a good idea at the time), to get 38g from an 18g grind in around 25sec after first drip. N
  8. You may have them by all means. I may sound more diligent than I actually am. I intended to keep things on a spreadsheet but found that I don’t always keep that up to date. I’ll attach the sheet for you. If you can use Excel you will see the profiles in the first sheet, with a plot on the second one. I have used the first stage as a pre-infusion step, so it sometimes has a zero duration and the final (7th) stage as a safety margin (over-run). The core profile sits in stages 2-6. I don’t usually weigh the output as it arrives but choose to stop by the appearance of the pour and amount
  9. I'm doing the pre-infusion separately at the moment. I have put them into the same profile but feel that I have slightly better control that way. Just need to be careful to manage the profile numbers correctly... P1=pre-infusion P2=light roast P3=dark roast P4=experimentation P5=back flush
  10. Perhaps the key is not to maintain the peak pressure for too long. There may be a pressure below which bitterness cannot be obtained. There are so many variables, it could take some time before deducing their impacts.
  11. I've found that my brew-times have extended, using a reducing pressure profile on the Vesuvius. I suppose that should be little surprise, as the water will take longer to work its way through. Another observation is that I can pull more than my normal weight of brew and not detect additional bitterness. I may try experimenting to see how far I can go but wondered if anyone can comment on their experiences?
  12. Another option, especially if interested in steaming milk is a Bellman. I've messed with one a bit (long time since I last went camping) and can give my experiences if interested.
  13. Surely a hand grinder is supposed to rotate at "hand speed"? Spinning it much faster might heat up the beans as well as wear our the mechanism prematurely. When grinding by hand, that's all part of the "occasion".
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