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  1. Do you think it will taste better than Niche? I know it's old post but still.
  2. Apologies, what is drive chip?
  3. I am wondering, can I just switch off heating for brew head. It should not a the biggest problem right? It will warm up with hot water passing through. Am I mistaken? My problem is definitely in brew head overheating while plugged in and switched off. Do you know which triac and micro chip is responsible for brew head on the board? I am thinking about the solution for baking at 100C degrees for half an hour. Don't want to cut out the board as of now. Thank you guys!
  4. Checked 3 sensors for temperatures. Seems like group head is overheating, not boilers. Turn the machine off at the wall. Press and hold simultaneously the "exit" and "manual" buttons then turn the machine on at the wall. Press the "menu" button until the screen reads LLLL or HHH. Press the "menu" and the "down" button to display the reported coffee temp Press the "menu" button again to display the steam boiler temp. Press the "menu" button again to display the group head NTC
  5. How do you know if it's a board that causing issue? I read it can be because of pump as well.
  6. Someone gave me sage dual boiler for a project. Seems like the same issue. Heating up when plugged in but not switched on... I opened it up. Fixed all the issues with o rings. Nothing is leaking now... However, the problem with heating still persists. What board should I inspect? The one at the top or on the back of the machine?
  7. Distribution tool 58 mm View Advert Interested in a distributor. Does anyone have a spare to sell? Advertiser Koli Date 05/06/21 Price Category Wanted  
  8. Hey guys, I have recently purchased leaking and overheating boiler. Looking through the forums seems like a fix of o rings but haven't opened the lid yet to test is broken. In the meantime giving machine a really good clean and basically taking it apart (not sure I will be able to assemble back haha). 2 things I've noticed. Do you guys think I should replace them? If yes, do you think it's worth to buy the IMS one on Amazon? https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07P8JYXD5/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_glt_fabc_FE2AAG5QYSYS6HXQE4AP?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 Also, I was hoping to clean around brew head but this screws don't let me take anything
  9. Awesome! Thank you!
  10. Hey John, I recently purchased one as well. Do you links for o rings and pump by any chance? Also how can I check if I have a sludge? Thank you
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  13. Let me know if you will considering selling and what's the price
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