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  1. My bad ended 1st December. If you get a Barista Express, give me a shout, can give you experience of dialling in. Took a while, but end results are great
  2. GlobalCoffeeFestival-KWNRtm5u this stil works fyi
  3. @Sam_d do you want this? I want to sell before Christmas so this is last chance before I list on eBay, can't hang around much longer
  4. I'll hold off listing until you give me the sign then @Sam_d
  5. I have bought from them before, but it was before I had a decent machine - they targeted me successfully on Facebook. Will try them again. I wasn't blown away, but it was decent and I'm happy to support local
  6. Shropshire. Can post though. It's packaged in the original box, so it is properly packaged in shaped polystyrene. Classes as a medium package, sub 5kg. So £8.99 with royal mail or c£5 if you hunt around
  7. Not a problem. The difference is purely aesthetic. Exact same burrs and grind quality. The PL 43 is a bit smaller and lighter
  8. @Timmyboy @Sam_d I'm an equal opportunity seller and will take the first offer of £130
  9. As I said, it has never been used, this is first time out of the plastic packaging. Bought a Barista Express with an integrated grinder to please the Mrs. @Sam_d
  10. Any interest @Sam_d I'll list it at the end of this week. Cheers
  11. New and unused in the original lelit box with the electrical test cert and manual. Looking for £130 Haven't opened or used. Ended up buying a Sage Barista Express because the wife was more likely to use it and it's 'neater on the worktop'. Will be put it on eBay if no interest here in a week or so.
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