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  1. thanks for all the replies. interesting, i will try a different type of green bean and will report back. i did have a suspicion that it could have had something to do with the moisture content as otherwise that much loss of mass through chemical breakdown would imply charcoal.
  2. Hi all, I have just purchased a new Kaldi Mini roaster to learn how to roast coffee. I started with 200g green beans (Guatamala Washed), and roasted it through 11 mins whilst taking down the temperatures at each minute, recorded charge temp, first crack, etc. I have done this about three times and still the same result. The main issue is, that somehow I have managed to almost halve the mass of the beans (200g->120g), and cannot seem to understand why? I have read that usually the expected loss of mass due to water is 12-25 percent, and for some reason my weight loss has bee
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