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  1. I actually would've gone for colour symmetry but that would've meant smashing up my daughters creation for the right pieces...
  2. Ha haaa brilliant! Almost identical journeys!!! I did consider the rancilio with pid mod as well.. Ditto mate, glad you're enjoying your setup. I almost kicked myself for not going with the Niche but considering where I was, can't complain, the specialita is proper. I've kinda figured out where I tend to like my shots now, they tend to be within the 30-35 sec region. I'm sure that will change a tad when I try new beans..
  3. Hi all, I keep my hopper at the very minimum half full (I'm an optimistic guy) for bean weight but I've always thought to myself "what do you do when have no more beans in the blend to top up"?? So I made a quick DIY weight, weighed at 150g and have tried to cover as much of the surface as poss I could even top up the weight as the beans decrease... In theory, Is this effective or pointless? (Well, not pointless as I had fun making it)
  4. @MattDanFrank I feel the same! Although, this forum has been both a blessing and a curse! One day I'm just seeking advice for a donated Delonghi Dedica. A couple weeks later I have a Mara X with upgrades, a Mignon Specialita with a 3D printed single dose attachment, an RO water system and I am on a mission to try and pull a god shot!!!
  5. ChrisKon

    Mara X

    @DavecUK I gathered that was the case, just need to keep an eye on time if I'm pulled else where. Nice one Dave.
  6. ChrisKon

    Mara X

    Hey everyone, Happy Friday! I'm generally someone that takes my time, have to answer urgent calls and also have a 3 year old that seems to want my attention everytime i want to make a coffee! The above can sometimes impact my workflow especially when dialling in and have noticed my shots sometime feel hotter than they should be!! (Next time I'll stick in a thermometer in) I think this is because I'm taking more than 5 mins between pulling shots which I know in the Mara Xs case, you have to wait 15 mins for temp to stabilise back to the intended brew temp range. I wanted to ask,
  7. ChrisKon

    Mara X

    Ok nice one @itguy will try a quick purge if needed.
  8. ChrisKon

    Mara X

    Do you feel the mara x always boosts steam pressure to 1.4-1.5? I'm going to pay attention to the pressure on my next few shots but I don't think 1.4-1.5 is always the case.
  9. It was the coffee granules underneath, a quick wipe done the trick, thanks all!!!
  10. @DavecUK It's ever so slight but it defintely wasn't doing it before. VID-20210108-WA0025.mp4
  11. Hi all, I've had a specialita for a month now and really am enjoying it. It is all of a sudden jolting slightly for a split sec when I go to grind which is quite odd. The only thing that has changed are the coffee beans. I also cleaned the specialita before hand as well however I've cleaned it before but didn't hold after. Anyone had any experience of their specialita (or other grinder) doing this?
  12. @Rumpelstiltskin Thanks. Really chuffed with the setup. It definitely is a journey and I'm loving it! Although, may be bordering obsessive now...
  13. @TomX I utilised this offer, runs out at end of month
  14. Definitely. Most issues that arise with coffee machines come from the scale build up from water being used, and it can cause big problems. Go on Thames website, type in your postcode and check the hardness of your tap water. Lelits water filters will soften the tap water but defintely not enough to avoid scale build up I figured, i spent so much money on my setup, makes sense to look after my investment. I have lelits one and definitely does the job, no complaints here.
  15. A few months back a friend of mine donated a delonghi dedica with delonghi grinder and was well and truly bitten by the bug not long after that...
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