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  1. Just wondering whether anyone here has tried one of these? https://www.phoxwater.com/ They look really good from a sustainability point of view, and are good value for money, too. After watching a few videos featuring Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood, I'm especially interested in the 'Alkaline' refills, which add magnesium back into the filtered water. This should improve the taste of coffee, right?
  2. I watched with interest, too. I understand why he doesn't like the inverted method, and I'm inclined to agree in principle; however, he doesn't like metal filters for AeroPress either, whereas I do; using a metal filter necessitates an inverted method, as otherwise it flows through immediately. I'm currently following the Crankhouse Coffee method, which works well for me. I've no plans to change in the foreseeable future.
  3. Hey everybody. I've been brewing V60 pourover, moka pot and AeroPress for a while now, grinding fresh every time. I've bought beans from a variety of sources, including Pact, Miles, and Dancing Goat, as well as some supermarket offerings. All of these have been fairly consistent (give or take) in terms of the brewing technique and the resulting coffee. Last week I had the great pleasure of visiting Immix Coffee Roasters, where I purchased some of their Macaw single origin beans. When I started brewing with them, though, I was struck by how different the experience was. I first tried
  4. I agree. I would happily use that on my stove.
  5. This is all very interesting and helpful, thank you. The thing I like most about the moka pot, though, is the mouthfeel you get from it, which of course the paper filter removes. It's the same reason I almost always use my metal filters in my AeroPress. I haven't gotten around to measuring out the yield each time. My first brew of the day is to make two cups for my wife and myself, and I rather like the mindfulness practice of gauging half the brewed coffee into each mug by eye/feel. Fantastically inaccurate in terms of coffee experimentation, but important for my mindset. I have not
  6. I often make a black coffee that way, yes. I use a 6-cup moka to brew for two, or a 3-cup if it's just for myself. The yield is usually around 130 ml from the 6-cup, or 75 ml from the 3-cup; so the 3-cup comes out slightly stronger.
  7. I've been keto for two and a half years for my type 1 diabetes. (I won't go into the pros and cons of keto here.) I don't have an espresso machine at home (yet), but if I want a frothy coffee, it doesn't get much better than a good bulletproof coffee as far as I'm concerned! I tend to make mine with 15 g butter, 15 g coconut oil and a good grinding of salt. The coffee itself would be from either AeroPress (with metal filter) or moka pot, depending on whether I'm also making one for my wife at the same time. Both taste good to me. I have found that good-quality unsweetened almond milk
  8. Thanks for starting this thread, it will be interesting to see what opinions come forth. I'm also new to this forum, and only just starting out my own journey of coffee discovery. I'm interested in your thread because my good friend and I are having pipe dreams of this sort of thing - we're both at a bit of a crossroads in our lives, and we're both into coffee, so this kind of thing naturally appealed. I also came across this franchise scheme: https://coffee-bike.com/ - probably not of interest to you, as it sounds like you're already a fair way down the road in terms of your research, an
  9. Hi folks. I'm pretty well decided that I need a good hand grinder, after two Zassenhaus Manaos grinders broke on me. I know I need to spend quite a bit more. I don't have an espresso machine, and not sure I want to give the time and space to one for a while yet; but never say never, right? For the meantime, I'll be brewing V60, AeroPress, moka pot and occasionally cafetiere. I really really like the look of the MBK Aergrind. I like the fact that it's independently produced in the UK. I think it appears to be excellent value for money. The only snag for me is the hopper capacity - I t
  10. I've yet to try them myself, but a friend has just directed me to Immix: https://www.immix.coffee/ They look pretty good to me...
  11. Thanks, I had watched that. At least twice. I'll watch it again. I didn't mention above, I've watched a lot of James Hoffmann!
  12. Hey folks. Just thought I would introduce myself and summarise my coffee journey thus far. TLDR: I like brewing at home; I'm unsure about buying an espresso machine; I need a new grinder. I decided to level-up my coffee game just over a year ago. One of the first things I learned was that grinding fresh is one of the best ways to do that, so I asked the advice of a discerning coffee drinker, and ended up with a Zassenhaus Manaos. They come with a ten-year guarantee. I've now had two break on me, so when the second one broke, I got a refund and I've gone back to pre-ground. However, d
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