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  1. I’ve just got mine delivered and really looking forward to try these once my existing beans run out. I’m not going to spoil the surprise about the selection though!
  2. I’ve created a database to track several variables, as I’m using my KBGT as steep-and-release for small batches of 350ml. One of the metrics I’m measuring is the release duration, although I didn’t measure it with the first two MoccaMaster papers, but I still have one left that I’ll use soon to compare it against the Filtropa ones. There are several tests about it, it all depends if you rinse your paper or not. one of tests I want to do in the future is Filtropa vs MoccaMaster vs Melitta papers
  3. Hi, I'm about to buy some Filtropa #4 for the MoccaMaster KGBT, but I'd like to know if there's any other suggestions that people prefer in 2020? Would the MoccaMaster-branded papers be identical to Filtropa? Cheers.
  4. Hi, Bit of feedback regarding a recent transaction with Machina Coffee up in Scotland. Ordered an Eureka Mignon Perfetto (white, black panel) and a MoccaMaster KBGT(silver) from them and I couldn't be happier with the service, truly top notch. Could I have got the MoccaMaster slightly cheaper elsewhere? Probably. Would I risk not getting excellent service and items that are genuine and new inventory? Absolutely not. I can't recommend them enough, to be honest.
  5. Hi, Just wanted to share my recent experience with @Ethical Addictions Coffee Roasters. I purchased 2x Airscape Kilo containers (one white, one grey) last weekend and they've arrived today after being dispatched yesterday. Extremely prompt delivery. Excellent service from them. The one point I would suggest they could improve on is packaging: a bit of bubble wrap around the containers wouldn't go amiss, considering how ruthless the couriers are when handling parcels. I'll definitely recommend buying from them and I'll be a repeat customer, that's for sure.
  6. I'll 3D print it myself, more than likely.
  7. Hi @FrancescoS, thanks for letting me know. It's a bit of a downer, but I was sort of expecting it. To be honest. for me it's not an issue and I prefer the ease of adjustment. I got the Perfetto because it fits the purpose that I'm after and I'm sure it'll deliver years of wonderful coffee. I'm planning on doing the single dosing mod, as that's how I'll use it.
  8. Hi, to be honest, it’s impossible and borderline rude to choose between them. They’re all great ☕️
  9. Yes, I’d like to buy it @ratty
  10. Since 2012. I quite like the city and its geographical location.
  11. Hi is the 98 still available? thanks.
  12. Hi Ive almost decided that I want to buy a Mignon Perfetto, because I like the adjustability and I’m not chasing or obsessing with 100% ideal-scenario espresso. I was wondering if they are upgradable in the same fashion that some Baratzas are: using burrs from other models. In order words: could the Specialita burrs be fitted to the Perfetto with the relevant parts?
  13. javmc


    I’ve just ordered 2 airscapes in the kilo version, one for coffee and one for tea.
  14. I usually go with organic Ceylon in loose leaf, silver needle, or ceremonial grade organic Matcha tea, depending on the time of the day.
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