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  1. Can you elaborate on the container being sterile? I might be missing something here. I make sure it is dried out whist not following a strict sterilisation process as this : Unfortunately , no airing cupboard , so i have left it on the kitchen top , it does have some counter top lights, while they may not be as strong, i think i'll give that a go. Good idea on the temperature + apple , I'll give this a go. Cheers! Certainly the starter is active, around day 3-4 , i can also see it has a rise-fall based based on the jar markings + the odour you mentioned ,
  2. So i need some help with my sourdough starter. I've made atleast 3 attempts to get one going but it has always ended up having fungal growth on top (cotton texture). These are the recepies i've tried: This is a mix of rye + flour to kick off and this is pure flour It is always around day 4-5 of the 7 days (supposed) process, the starter goes bad. Can you please recommend what recipe you follow?
  3. I am looking to spend about £500-ish. Bambino plus has a heat up time of 3 seconds heh , which is pretty great. Granted it may not tick boxes of purists. Personally I don't really have a great coffee palette , its a bit like wine , i can distinguish a shit one from a good one , but thats about it. At the end of the day i want to have a peaceful cuppa. Reading into other threads, even really expensive machines have some strange issues and as a beginner i don't want to overwhelm myself with them and tackle them.
  4. Hang around longer and your budget will automatically up it self Jokes aside , i am more or less in the same position. I am waiting for Black Friday to pick up a Bambino Plus + Eureka grinder. As a starting point i do not wish to get into the hassle. Hopefully if it is a hobby i enjoy i can splurge more.
  5. @adamkovacs1126 thanks for your response. I've been lurking and planning to get a proper grinder from @Black Cat Coffee (will reach out to you separately) as well. am trying to work out the shipping , royal mail/parcel-force is suggesting between £20-40. Few more questions , may be @BlackCatCoffee could also chip in Is it pain to change the wand/knob and could you either of you please link me so i get an idea on the potential additional cost, i am not too bothered about dial to be honest. I know it does not have a modding community , but any ideas if a PID can be installed
  6. @adamkovacs1126 Sorry i am absolutely new to the world of coffee , how beginner friendly is this machine? Can you please elaborate on how long does the process take to get a cup out!? Also I noticed you want to hand off in person , i am unfortunately based in London. Please let me know if you are open to posting. I tend to drink one/two cups in the morning (cappuccino) , is this a good kit for it? Cheers!
  7. I've never used them , any you recommend ?
  8. hge


    So been lurking for about two weeks and decided to sign up. I enjoy drinking coffee (and tea). I am impressed and overwhelmed by the information on the forum. I write software by day! Hoping to move up from my moka pot. Cheers! Edit: First post , wrong section! Please don't fire me!
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