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  1. @shaunlawler Sure, let's do that. My Niche Zero doesn't come till February anyways, so I have time to wait
  2. I'd be very interested if you would be willing to post (as much as I'd love to see and try the machine first). I live in Manchester thou so it would be a fair way to travel and with the restrictions on travel it would be pretty much impossible in the current climate. Thou if I do manage to buy it will prob appreciate advice on what water to use with it - might need another purchase for a ro machine, but starting with a tds/pH meter to make heads or tails of the tap water.
  3. CuriousC


    Lurked around these forums for a while to get advice before diving head first into the hobby. Started with an aeropress, then V60 now pre ordered a niche zero and about to probably go all in on a Lelit Mara X. So many lovely people here giving friendly coffee advice
  4. I think I'm now closing on the Mara X and the Niche Zero. Thank you for everyone's advice. Now to dig into more if I need to invest in a reverse osmosis machine too... Thou I do live in a soft water area but can make heads or tails of it really.... Need those posts to see if I can buy the one in sale/swap...
  5. Same I had 5 posts but I guess not within the last 29 days? The Mara X is super tempting but can't reply 😂
  6. @Stoxoh wow, that is an insightful view into the Sette...so yeah maybe not...
  7. @Hopebrewer thanks for the advice, I am slowly racking up my posts now so will soon be able to post on that forum and hopefully nab a deal!
  8. @L2en reading the forums BlackCat's website does indeed have some lovely machines! As you echoed @Doram's suggestion, I'll be looking more heavily into the Maxa X in time for a machine to arrive when my Niche does since it now seems a little silly to buy something in the interim.
  9. @doram Thanks for the advice, yes I know it is widely varied in terms of machines and price. I do have the funds to afford the range, but want to get something sensible and reading the internet into these terms has been information overload in a short period. Good thing Christmas is coming up! I will look more heavily into the Mara X and google those terms you mentioned. Thou happily I just got my Niche Zero pre-order in for February this weekend, so I still have some time to deliberate and continue using my v60 / aeropress in the interm.
  10. I've been umming and debating on buy a proper espresso machine and grinder for a long time since wfh and decide now is time to plunge but am so confused with the many options. I'll be building up my skills but don't tend to have more than one or two cups a day and if we ever get guests in homes again, then might pull some for friends when they come over. I want to be able to brew at the same time as steaming. I am currently using a v60, but miss espresso's. My partner loves mochas and cappuccinos, so would love to learn to make those. I want to buy a machine that I can grow into, not lose
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