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  1. Hi all My six month old Classic ready light seems to be on the blink (sorry, bad pun). When I switch on, the ready light comes on fairly soon, I run a little hot water to warm my cup, it goes off, then won't come on again to indicate the water (or steam) is at the right temperature. If I flip the switch to run some water, the light will come on, but it rarely stays on for as long as it takes to pull a shot. Has anyone got any tips before I go back to the seller (Argos) to see about getting it sorted under guarantee? Many thanks Brad
  2. I had a similar problem - it did move ok. Before you apply more force, it is well worth making sure there are no coffee grounds stuck in the screw head which could help the screwdriver to jump. Brad
  3. A drill on the Porlex? Now that's something I want to try!! (I suspect a disaster awaits....)
  4. Helped me loads - thanks! New wand came this morning - took less than 5 mins to swap it over. I got mine from http://www.espressoservices.co.uk/gaggia_parts_and_accessories.html (via ebay) - the delivery was really fast and the price pretty good too. This one needed the nut swapping over from my Gaggia wand, but that actually just slid off with a little bit of a wiggle. Brad
  5. That's great, many thanks Brad
  6. Hi I've recently got a Classic, and have a packet of DeLonghi descaler fluid left from a previous machine I owned. It is this stuff: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Genuine-Delonghi-Entkalker-Descaler-Bottles/dp/B004N5TC48/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1334003915&sr=8-3 Is that ok to use in my classic? I'll get real Gaggia descaler stuff next time (unless someone has a better recommendation), but it seems a shame to chuck this out unused. Many thanks Brad
  7. I got it here: http://www.belstar-electrics.co.uk/products/MS%252d0907163-%252d-Krups-2%252dCup-Filter.html Of course, now I have one that is no use to me so if you'd like it, please PM me and I'll chuck it in the post.
  8. Thanks Glenn Top advice! Tomorrow I'll be getting more beans.... but only beans!
  9. Hi all from Sheffield. I have been making espresso (or something that looks a bit like it) for a little over three weeks now and it's been a lovely rollercoaster ride. I'd been making noises about getting an espresso machine for ages, so my lovely wife got me a Dualit Coffee System for my birthday. My mum, in cahoots, got me a Cuisinart grinder. Sadly the first Dualit stopped working very quickly, but John Lewis handed over a replacement without hesitation. I then got going pretty well - I found this forum, bought some beans from Pollards, our local merchant, and got a Krups non-p
  10. Hi everyone, I'm brand new to the forum, and pretty new to espresso making, so hello! I have Dualit "Coffee System" which I understand to be the Espressivo in a new casing, and I'm actually very happy with my initial results, but it's certainly a steep learning curve! I've taken a flier on a Krups 51mm non-pressurized filter, to see if that can work, and like a previous poster, I'm not too keen on the slightly flimsy filter holder/handle on the machine, and would like to upgrade that too. The $90 Breville one linked is a bit pricey (and is in America), and when in John Lewis, I
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