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  1. Thanks! I will be out of home for about one months so I won't be able to give it a go soon. I will definitively follow your experience!!
  2. Interesting discussion! Thanks you all for your views! I didn't realised that the Motta was back in stock! Chinese versions seem to be 58 mm which, as you said, it seems not to be ideal if you don't tamp afterwards. Let's see how it works but I wanna try to use a leveller without tamping. Some of you seems to use it successfully. "Whole latte love" seems to suggest that it produces consistent results. After all, with so many variables to adjust, fixing one variable seems a good way to go.
  3. Sorry for my late reply @Lyt_han. It depends on your budget and if you are willing to buy new or you are happy with second hand. I went for a Gaggia Classic that I bought in the sell section (I wanted a trusty source). I am still looking for a grinder. I may delay my search for a while because I have to travel and I will be away for a months an a half. Some people has recommended Eureka Mignon (manuale or Specialita) as a nice, and good espresso grinder. There are other options that you can read above. Buying in the sells section seems a good idea as well. I hope it helps.
  4. Hi everyone! I though an update was due. I ended up buying one of the 4 Gaggia Classic sold by @ratty . I keep looking for a grinder. Thank you all for your advise so far!
  5. Thanks @CocoLoco !! Do you know if the depth can be adjusted? It seems you can but I didn't find much info about it.
  6. Hi everyone, I am considering to buy a leveller. I read that some people use it alone without a tamper and I would like to give it a go. I am an absolute newbie and it seems a way of getting consistent distribution. Finding a 58 mm leveller is an straightforward task but as far as I know, the ideal size is 58.5 to not get coffee lines around the basket's edge. Popular options like "Asso Coffee the jack coffee leveller" and the "OCD" models are a bit on the pricey side (💷). Is someone aware of a reasonably priced 58.5 mm leveller? I did search the forum but I couldn't find m
  7. Hi @hge welcome from another newbie! I hope you enjoy the experience!
  8. Hi @CuriousC I am a complete newbie so I cannot provide much advice. Currently, @ratty is selling two Gaggia Classic fully refurbished. Actually, I just got one myself. As far as I know, Gaggia Classic is a good machine to start with. By the way, I think you need to have 5 posts to be able to post on the for sale section. It is pretty easy. Just introduce yourself in the introduction section and possibly say hi to other newbies and you'll be there. I hope it helps!
  9. Just let me know how do you want me to proceed.
  10. You can tell all the effort you put rebuilding the 2015! I had the same felling about finding a buyer. I am interested in the 2014 model.
  11. Congratulations @ratty A newbie here but It looks like an impressive job to me! I am thinking about buying one of the 4 classics of the apocalypse. I read everything (the 4th machine still to be uploaded) and I reckon that I didn't understand half (3/4) of the text 😅 The one that it looks more appealing to me (it is likely I am missing something though) is the 2014 model. Can I have your views/advice on that that?
  12. Thanks for your view @BlackCatCoffee I though that the grinding quality was not that different. I appreciate that you pointed it out
  13. Thank you @OliG for your thoughts. It seems like a big piece of equipment this Mazzer Super Jolly! I read that you can find this grinder second hand for a good price. Is there any place/shop I should keep an eye on for this?
  14. I had heard about this grinder. I agree, not the prettiest one! 😂😂 I read the reviews and it seems a very good option for me. It seems a sensible way of starting the espresso journey to me (and I saw they are made nearby my hometown!!) Thank you everyone for your views about grinders. I reckon I was completely lost! I will look for second hand options and if I don't find anything better I will go for a new Iberital MC2. I don't think I will change beans often (I haven't got much time!) and the grinding quality seems very solid (please, correct me If I got it wrong)
  15. I will keep an eye on the for sale section then!
  16. Thank you for your detailed answer @CocoLoco, I was thinking about £500 including the grinder. Sorry, the reading of my post is a bit misleading. I wasn't taking into account the accessories!! Thanks for the reminder
  17. Yes, @adamkovacs1126, I intended to use the pressurised basket initially to delay the grinder purchase while getting used to the machine. I saw your post, it is a nice machine. Which grinder works for the Bezzera Hobby?
  18. I have seen the post. It looks like a very nice machine. I had a look at the Whole latte love review and it seems to have higher specs than the G Classic.
  19. Thank you @HDAV! As far as I know, Sage machines are trickier to fix if something goes wrong, that's why I was initially targeting Gaggia. But if they are easy to find (good ones) second hand, as you suggest, it may be worth trying. Which ones would you recommend for a newbie?
  20. Hi everyone, I am looking to buy my first espresso machine. I hope you can give me some advise. I would drink lattes and espressos. I have been using a coffee pods machine for a long time. I am not too picky but I have been dreaming for a good coffee for a while now!😂😂 My buying plan. I reckon that at the beginning I was just looking for a (appliance type😅) machine. Reading your expert comments I realised that I better plan getting a good grinder too. My plan is to buy a starter (reasonably priced) machine and use a pressurized filter first. I would keep looking for a grinder
  21. Hi Katie, I just joined as well. I can tell you are far more advanced than me! Welcome!
  22. Hi guys, thanks for the warm welcome!! LOLOLOL, you are completely right, MK isn't pretty! Well, as @hotmetal pointed out, the lakes and the surroundings aren't that bad. It is the right place if you fancy roundabouts. I hadn't seen that many in my whole life! And they look all alike at the beginning! @The Systemic Kid HAHA didn't know about this poem. MK would deserve one too! Thanks again for your words!
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