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  1. Thanks! I will be out of home for about one months so I won't be able to give it a go soon. I will definitively follow your experience!!
  2. Interesting discussion! Thanks you all for your views! I didn't realised that the Motta was back in stock! Chinese versions seem to be 58 mm which, as you said, it seems not to be ideal if you don't tamp afterwards. Let's see how it works but I wanna try to use a leveller without tamping. Some of you seems to use it successfully. "Whole latte love" seems to suggest that it produces consistent results. After all, with so many variables to adjust, fixing one variable seems a good way to go.
  3. Sorry for my late reply @Lyt_han. It depends on your budget and if you are willing to buy new or you are happy with second hand. I went for a Gaggia Classic that I bought in the sell section (I wanted a trusty source). I am still looking for a grinder. I may delay my search for a while because I have to travel and I will be away for a months an a half. Some people has recommended Eureka Mignon (manuale or Specialita) as a nice, and good espresso grinder. There are other options that you can read above. Buying in the sells section seems a good idea as well. I hope it helps.
  4. Hi everyone! I though an update was due. I ended up buying one of the 4 Gaggia Classic sold by @ratty . I keep looking for a grinder. Thank you all for your advise so far!
  5. Thanks @CocoLoco !! Do you know if the depth can be adjusted? It seems you can but I didn't find much info about it.
  6. Hi everyone, I am considering to buy a leveller. I read that some people use it alone without a tamper and I would like to give it a go. I am an absolute newbie and it seems a way of getting consistent distribution. Finding a 58 mm leveller is an straightforward task but as far as I know, the ideal size is 58.5 to not get coffee lines around the basket's edge. Popular options like "Asso Coffee the jack coffee leveller" and the "OCD" models are a bit on the pricey side (💷). Is someone aware of a reasonably priced 58.5 mm leveller? I did search the forum but I couldn't find m
  7. Hi @hge welcome from another newbie! I hope you enjoy the experience!
  8. Hi @CuriousC I am a complete newbie so I cannot provide much advice. Currently, @ratty is selling two Gaggia Classic fully refurbished. Actually, I just got one myself. As far as I know, Gaggia Classic is a good machine to start with. By the way, I think you need to have 5 posts to be able to post on the for sale section. It is pretty easy. Just introduce yourself in the introduction section and possibly say hi to other newbies and you'll be there. I hope it helps!
  9. Just let me know how do you want me to proceed.
  10. You can tell all the effort you put rebuilding the 2015! I had the same felling about finding a buyer. I am interested in the 2014 model.
  11. Congratulations @ratty A newbie here but It looks like an impressive job to me! I am thinking about buying one of the 4 classics of the apocalypse. I read everything (the 4th machine still to be uploaded) and I reckon that I didn't understand half (3/4) of the text 😅 The one that it looks more appealing to me (it is likely I am missing something though) is the 2014 model. Can I have your views/advice on that that?
  12. Thanks for your view @BlackCatCoffee I though that the grinding quality was not that different. I appreciate that you pointed it out
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