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  1. PF received and does a brilliant job of exposing my crappy skills. Thanks Chris!
  2. Deal! I'll send you a PM.
  3. Hmm, I've been considering getting a bottomless portafilter... would you do it for £20 delivered?
  4. Does the 1kg size come in a resealable bag?
  5. Systemic Kid, I'm the kind of guy who make matters worse when I get too hands on so I'll definitely be following that philosophy!
  6. Yup, I had removed both the block and shower screen. This is a video I recorded this morning of the (bad) water flow: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/10003202/gaggia_grouphead.m4v After shaking (which probably moved the scale about), the water flows out properly. I'll do another round of descaling and if the the problem returns, I'll have a go at disassembly (thanks for the links edk!)
  7. Thanks for the input guys. Nic, I think you've nailed the problem! I gave the machine a shake and to my surprise, water was flowing properly! Of course, the culprit is still trapped in there, so I'll still need to get rid of it. Would another attempt at descaling get rid of the rest? I normally backflush with cafiza - is a descaler backflush ever done/recommended? I'll like a non-intrusive approach if possible as I'm not too confident about going beyond the basic cleaning regimes.
  8. Yesterday I gave my Gaggia Classic a clean (descale and backflush) after taking out of storage and it was running without any problems. However, after trying to get back into the groove and making several consecutive shots, the pressure dropped considerably - water is merely dripping from the shower screen. So just before posting this, I took another look and noticed that, although some water made it through to the group head, most of it was coming straight back into the water tank via the outlet tube. Steamer is working perfectly and can run water through it with no problem whatsoever. Can anyone here diagnose my problem? Thanks in advance.
  9. Sainsbury are doing packs of 3 for £8. Neither beat argos' 2 pack for £3.99 a couple of weeks ago though!
  10. Good looking stuff! I wonder how it compares to the Hario Skerton + OE Coarse Grind mod.
  11. Noo! How did I miss this?? argh!
  12. Did anyone see the sifting tower thingy John Gordon used during the UK brewing competition? The coffee was sifted from top to bottom, with each level allowing gradually finer grounds. I would definitely want one of those!
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