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  1. Sounds great! The pre-ground is the only thing putting me off! The hunt continues!
  2. Hello all!! Its coming up to that time of year again and last year I purchased a coffee advent calendar from a local roaster here in Liverpool. It was great, coffee was roasted 1 week before December 1st so coffee was still fresh by the time I got to the end of it. I got 60g every day, some were duplicated across the month some you only got 60g then on the 25th you got a 250g bag of their Xmas blend. Anyway to the point of this post! Although I had a really good experience with the one I had I’d like to explore my options. Anyone had anything similar? Dan
  3. I have one!! Its my first machine so I can’t compare against anything else but Iv not Iv any issues. Iv had the machine for about 3 months. Only comment I will make is the 57mm portafilter, you are limited to accessories due to the size. But everything is available. I have the Lelit 57.4mm Tamper, 57mm competition basket, 57mm dosing funnel. If you have any questions just let me know.
  4. Is there an issue with leaving the distilled water for a long period of time? I think this is the route I will take, buying it seems as easier option right now then just adding the required minerals.
  5. Ye it will be more for espresso. I want to try keep my machine scale free using the the same recipe as you. Do you have your own water distiller?
  6. It’s only for home use, few espressos a day maybe an Aeropress or v60 to take to work with me.
  7. Could you recommend any place to buy it bottled? There are a lot online just not sure if they are food grade or suitable?
  8. Where is everyone getting there distilled/demineralised from? Having a hard time find it and everything I do find is massively overpriced. Iv got some time off work so I’m going down the water for coffee rabbit hole. Thanks.
  9. Had a full clean so thought I’d take a picture!
  10. As the title suggest can anyone recommend any letterbox friendly roasters? I know squaremile use letterbox friendly packaging but they don’t have anything I really want at the minute. Im mainly pulling espresso. Any suggestions?
  11. As expected with the Aeropress kiwi is very dominant, I’d prefer a bit more body a bit less funkiness so will adjust the recipe next time. I brewed Hoffmann’s Aeropress recipe but upped the dose to 13g of coffee to 200g water and started to plunge at 2:30 and finished about 3:00. Enjoyed the brew more as it cooled.
  12. Definitely!! I think this coffee will do really well in the Aeropress for me, which I am going to try soon. I find it easier to control variables in the Aeropress vs v60. I could see this coffee being easily under extracted in the v60 but that’s just my poor techniques haha!
  13. First brew today as I missed my delivery and it was stuck in Royal Mail over the weekend. Tried it in the french press 30:500 but I think i messed the grind size up as it was a bit under extracted in the first cup. Tasted weak and watery but as I said it was my fault. Second cup was a lot better as I left the coffee steep for another 10 minutes. A lot sweeter, definitely getting the kiwi and chocolate. This is very funky. Will try Aeropress later on.
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