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  1. There have been lots of issues if you Google the company. Post a review on trustpilot and you’ll get a response. They sent me my grinder through Amazon anyway so I should have just bought it from Amazon on the first place. Javahub will offer you discounts and freebies to leave positives reviews, don’t fall for it I still haven’t received anything I was offered.
  2. Hi all!!! 1st December means I get start using my coffee advent calendar from Crosby Coffee in Liverpool. Really excited to try out the different coffee in the calendar. Has anyone else picked up a coffee advent calendar?
  3. Thanks for the reply Danny. I have no doubts that in time your business will thrive and I look forward to seeing it grow. I just wanted to give my experience at the time, I mean no malice towards yourself or your business I just believe honesty and transparency is key for business and consumer. I hope you and all your staff are doing well during these troubling times and I look forward to supporting your business in the future. Again thank you for taking the time to comment.
  4. If they would have been honest with me from the start I wouldn’t have had an issue. Then using money off to delete reviews off Trustpilot I just don’t think it’s how things should be done.
  5. Hello all! First time posting and I just want to give anyone who is thinking of buying from Javahub some advice. I ordered a grinder from them on 6th November, after a few days I had heard nothing so I sent them an email and they told me there was a delay of 7-10 days. I accepted this due to what is going on with COVID as some businesses are short staffed. After nearly 3 weeks had passed I had received nothing, not even an email. I sent a few emails and got no replies then I got a reply saying my product had been shipped. 5 days later nothing had arrived and my emails weren’t
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