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  1. Yeah I really liked it, but enjoyed it more in a style highlighting the acidity so you could try a quick steep/low extraction/higher dose brew and see what you think... Should cut down on the grinding effort too!
  2. That Crankhouse Izuba is delicious. Are you getting the cranberry? I remember enjoying it a bit more as an espresso than filter.
  3. I’m now a member of the club nobody wants to be in - team Sticky Puck! I moved onto a single dose workflow and settled on 15g as the ideal size to cut down decisioning between espresso and filter. This meant swapping the 18g VST for a 15g. It is early days but I’m getting them nearly every time. I attribute this to grinding finer (roughly 3 dots on the Niche). I hope that optimising preinfusion can help sort this out - or that I actually don’t need to grind that fine. More workflow, more problems. - Which machine - Lelit Elizabeth- Any modifications from stock - No- Which basket; (Stock,
  4. Kjk

    The next drop...

    I actually think this could be a move to make it harder for touting. If you announce when all your stock will come online it is worth organising multiple people/bots to order at that time. It’s a very different proposition to real-time monitor stock levels and then place orders if they are sporadically made available.
  5. There are reports of some mismatching burrs being fit to certain batches of the Specialita. There are a number of threads in the Eureka grinder section that talk about this issue. In some cases it was as easy to identify as opening up the grinder and visually inspecting the burr patterns, they did not match between the top and bottom burr. @Coff Hey is a great source of info for all things Eureka.
  6. Re the tests, are these all at the same temperature? You will be able to taste more from a cooler drink. There should be measurable differences in extraction/taste comparing shorter brews, as you’re still operating in a steep section of the extraction vs contact time area of the curve. What is harder to understand is why longer brews seem to be improved with longer contact time and but there is a point that it starts to taste worse even though you’re getting not much more extraction. Perhaps at the shorter side of the long brew spectrum you’ve extracted out a bad tasting compound tha
  7. I’ve been meaning to get some of these, what size did you go for?
  8. I was thinking something more form fitting. I’ve got a pair of scissors and an unwanted running buff, may manage a template in the next day or so.
  9. Kjk

    The next drop...

    Note there are a handful of espresso compatible hand grinders on the market. They have stainless steel burrs and the capability for fine adjustment. Grinding to espresso fineness with a ceramic burr is a lot of work and not likely to be a pleasant experience (2-3mins) - you may need to pull 2 or 3 shots to get dialled in. I'm not trying to be a downer, but I bought a Skerton which did not last long at all - I couldn't hack the slowness when doing V60s. I would have saved more in the long run by buying my JX at the outset.
  10. I unboxed about an hour ago - ran a few 20g coarse doses of throwaway beans through. Pulled the first espresso which flowed too slowly but didn't taste too bad. Second espresso was still a bit slower than my liking but tasted better. I think if I had the nerve to have so many coffees so late in the day I would nail the 3rd shot. Looking forward to getting better familiarised with the adjustment - it's already feeling a lot more intuitive than the small wheel on the Specialita.
  11. They are technically right in their response - it could be down to user error. I think your strongest reply is to give them info on the qualitative improvements that @forsh has outlined - is that lacking from your experience? BB actually hold and will deal with your warranty, and I assume they get tons of email - people generally answer a ringing phone though! I do think it's poor that there is an (inconsistently) acknowledged problem with the quality of some burrs - I'd expect them to be able to isolate it to a specific batch or time period of manufacture and make the situation righ
  12. Crankhouse Izuba Washed in a french press. NZ comes today so I am looking forward to trying it as espresso.
  13. Sounds like we're coming up with the design brief for the Clever Cosy! @PortafilterProcrastinator have you gotten anywhere with your template?
  14. The learning keeps on coming! Have you observed a sweet spot for steep duration then (aside from the obvious cooling effect of water)? I guess the 'steep as long as you want' situation would be an insulated french press - if/when does diminishing returns with respect to steep duration start to kick in to no longer be meaningful, or is this just too open a question to have a practical answer?
  15. DPD on delivery 68 and I'm 106. Tonight is going to be high octane.
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