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  1. Anyone thinking about buying the new HG-2 here? https://weberworkshops.com/products/hg-2 Theres some nices upgrades, gear box, built in WDT, magnetic catch cup etc, but I don’t think I can justify the extra ££ over my HG-1. Would be great to see some photos if anyone here managed to get a pre-order though.
  2. Punkypj

    Little Fin El Fumo

    Very kind of you thankyou! I will drop you a DM. I would say that some sort of “roast level” identification on the site would help, although I know people get funny about what constitutes “medium” roast etc etc but I do find it useful just to get a ball park if nothing else.
  3. Punkypj

    Little Fin El Fumo

    I must admit, I’m in a similar boat as I was expecting something more medium than dark. Might be useful to provide a roast indication on the site if possible?
  4. I’m sure you'll be very happy with the cloche! I actually have a variant of the cloche that comes with a different base (griddle plate base) which is 6mm so very thick. I’m sure the normal base will get plenty hot though don’t worry, all their items are super well made. https://www.netherton-foundry.co.uk/baking-bell-griddle-plate
  5. Either of these are brilliant from personal experience (albeit £££) https://www.netherton-foundry.co.uk/cooking-baking-dome-and-tray https://www.bakerybits.co.uk/the-challenger-bread-pan
  6. Just as an update, I took the plunge and ordered the Comandante C40 from France, il post back here the breakdown of fees I’m charged once I have it in case it helps anyone with similar queries in the future.
  7. Ah ok! Yes the sub £135 total makes all the difference, and yes you are correct they probably should have charged you the vat at point of sale so you’ve lucked out there, can’t complain about that though 😃
  8. Oh that’s encouraging, maybe it will just be the vat to pay. Can you post back once delivered and let me know if you pay duty etc? Thanks! Edit: Was it less than £135 delivered? That seems to make all the difference.
  9. Yup that’s the exact one! They ship from France 🇫🇷 They do knock the vat off at checkout though so it’s £165 with them and then the vat and duty and fees payment at point of receipt.
  10. It’s £165 (not including vat) and free del to uk.
  11. Hi, I’ve already trawled that site, but unless I’m reading it incorrectly, anything valued over £135 falls into the “Gifts above £630 and other goods above £135” bracket, whereby there isn’t a nice table that tells you the duty % - the HMRC advice is to then call the helpline, which I was hoping to avoid. I was just wondering if others here might have already gone through this issue?
  12. Yes this is the bit I was wondering if anyone has had experience of? I’m aware I will be paying the vat at import and I can easily work out what that amount will be, but trying to work out what the duty will be seems really hard as there are so many possibilities of how the grinder could be classified. I guess if i just assume worst case it’s yet another 20% on top for duty in addition to 20% vat that’s the safest option. Really is a minefield now 😢
  13. Resurrecting old thread but relevant... Since the tax rules changed in jan 2021 after this thread was started, does anyone have any idea what import duties or custom duties would be payable on a coffee grinder (Comandante C40) shipping in from France to UK now? Or any coffee equipment purchased in EU tbh. It’s over the £135 threshold so I know it’s liable for some duties plus 20% vat. I’m good with the vat as that isn’t charged at point of sale, but struggling to work out what rates the duties will be as there’s loads of categories. Anyone else imported coffee gear recently since the rule changes?
  14. What is going on here that I am missing...?
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