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  1. I don't need it but it is very kind of* you. Merry xmas
  2. well done both! they all look amazing. I really want a coffee now hahahaa
  3. Hi there! Quite newbie here but I have been reading a lot in this lovely forum so I will give you my answers but give priority to everyone else's answers haha. Someone posted an article saying that coffee ground by a great grinder can be a better option than grind it yourself with a cheap one but for up to 5 days max. Always better to fresh grind. One of the basic rules you will find in the forum. Does this mean you make less than those 6 often? The moka pots should always be used for their capacity. If you want less coffe you should buy a smaller one or try to keep some
  4. Thanks for all the info! I never had a hand grinder before. My previous grinder was a KG79 and sold it with the machine as a set... I will have even more things to play with and to learn! hehehehe
  5. @Catlady101 How you doing with the new adquisition? As good as expected? I just saw it on Amazon and it is only available from another seller.. and it'd be 190 + 15 delivery...
  6. Well, the only time I ordered from aliexpress with my friends we had problems as well (2010).. so I haven't ordered there ever ever but my sistes does quite regular so I asked her to proceed. It will be send to the small city I am from, so that could make things slower comparing to send it to London.. With nowadays conversion rate and vat+taxes will be around 111Gbp, pretty much as it was on Amazon before. The other thing is the cat, I don't know if the one from aliexpress also comes with the optional cat hahahhahaa. Love the picture
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