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  1. Had my machine for just about a month now but have only previously done the automatic backflushing process. So today I decided to have a go at the 'hybrid' backflush as recommended by @DavecUK I think it all went well but I've a couple of questions that hopefully someone can answer. First, the pressure when backflushing never goes beyond around 10, whereas in Dave's video it looks to go all the way to 12. Second, when the pressure cycle finishes, some water is released into the drip tray from somewhere towards the rear of the machine - is this normal? I'm just a bit paranoid as it's my first ever non-automatic backflush!
  2. Thanks Dave, very helpful and yes, the settings were gone which was why I re-input them and double checked they were right. All good now and enjoying my first coffee of the day, albeit a bit late
  3. I joined the Elizabeth owners club over the weekend and have been enjoying getting to grips with my first proper espresso machine after years of B2C usage. Yesterday I decided to input the settings as recommended by @DavecUK and, at the same time, I also had a go at setting up the 'purge water through the group' feature which seemed like a good idea. I didn't use the machine after adjusting everything but I've obviously messed something up because this morning when I turned it on it's purging cold water through the group continuously I've managed to check the settings in the advanced menu and everything is as per Dave's suggestions but whenever I turn it on, it just does the continuous purge. I've clearly messed something up so if anyone has any advice I'd be very grateful for some help please. Edit: just noticed the previous post on the same subject!
  4. Looks great, can't wait for mine to arrive! The drawer does seem quite big, not quite sure why so I think I'll settle for the same as you Is that a Specialita grinder? I'm spending far too much time trying to decide what grinder to get - every time I *think* I've made up my mind I go off and do hours more 'research'
  5. Hi, I'm waiting for delivery of an Elizabeth so using the time to watch @DavecUK videos and picking up some accessories Did you get a Lelit knock box and, if so, which one? I need one but don't know whether to get the small round type of the larger drawer...
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